Structural Overview

Department of Planning, Development & TechnologyDepartment of Planning, Development & TechnologyDepartment of Planning, Development & TechnologyDepartment of Planning, Development & TechnologyDepartment of Planning, Development & TechnologyDepartment of Planning, Development & Technologyaging, disabilities, and veterans servicescommunications centermedical servicesmorris view healthcare centerpublic informationpublic information board of chosen freeholders county counsel clerk of the board county administrator independent agencies public information weights and measures youth shelter county adjuster Department of Planning, Development & Technology risk management behavioral health and youth services purchasing medical examininer Health Management emergency management public safety training academy Department of Human Services library services employment and training services aging, disabilities, and veterans services juvenile detention center temporary assistance Office Services treasurers office Department of Finance Department of Information Services risk management information services Deparment of Law and Public Safety Image Map


Morris County Organizational Structure Summary

Reporting to the Board of Chosen Freeholders

County AdministratorCounty CounselClerk of the Board

Reporting to the County Administrator's Office

Administrator's staffLabor RelationsPublic InformationInformation ServicesLibrary Services, Department Directors (FinancePlanning & Public WorksHuman ServicesEmployee ResourcesLaw & Public Safety)

Department of Finance

Includes Treasurer's OfficeOffice ServicesPurchasingCounty Adjuster

Department of Planning & Public Works

Includes  Planning & Preservation, Engineering and Transportation,  Roads/Bridges/Shade TreeBuildings and GroundsMotor Service Center, Mosquito Control

Department of Human Services

Includes Juvenile Detention CenterYouth ShelterEmployment and Training ServicesTemporary Assistance ServicesBehavioral Health and Youth ServicesAging Disabilities and Veterans ServicesMorris View Healthcare Center, Community & Behavioral Health Services

Department of Employee Resources

Includes PersonnelRisk ManagementMedical Services

Department of Law & Public Safety

Includes Public Safety Training AcademyEmergency ManagementHealth ManagementMedical ExaminerWeights and MeasuresCommunication Center

Constitutional Officers

The Constitutional Officers are the County Clerk, the Prosecutor, the Sheriff, and theSurrogate, as specified in the Constitution of the State of New Jersey, Article VII, Section 2.

Educational Institutions

The educational institutions are the County College of Morris and the Vocational Schools in the County of Morris, all as provided in NJSA 18A.

Independent Agencies

The independent agencies are the Housing Authority, Municipal Utilities Authority, Heritage Commission, Park Commission, Board of Elections, Superintendent of Elections, Board of Taxation, Superintendent of Schools, Improvement Authority, Insurance Commission, and Rutgers Cooperative Extension Service, all as variously designated in relevant statutes.

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