Community Initiatives

Cross Systems Review Committee

The Morris County Cross Systems Review Committee monitors and evaluates the provision and utilization of the acute system of services which encompasses the mental health, substance abuse, and human services systems of care. This is to assure that our most vulnerable clients with these multiple systems needs are served in the most clinically appropriate setting. The committee also promotes communication and education across service systems with the goal of one-stop access to care for the client.

Aging In Task Force

Morris County Aging In/Out Task Force was convened at the local level with two primary goals: (1) to increase service capacity for youth aging into the adult mental health system and (2) to build bridges between the broader youth and adult human service systems to improve service provision for young clients, age 17 – 24 years, who move between the youth and adult public service systems.

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Education Partnership

The Morris County YSAC Education Partnership develops, promotes and enhances collaborative efforts between the schools, the system partners in the child behavioral health system of care, the Division of Youth and Family Services, and other interested parties to improve the well being of children in Morris County, keeping them at home, in school, and out of trouble. The partnership plans and implements 4-5 bimonthly cross-trainings per school year.

Professional Advisory Committee

Morris County Integrated Professional Advisory Committee is made up of community provider leaders that serve individuals with mental health, addictions and co-occurring mental health and addictions disorders.

The Professional Advisory Committee:

  1. develops and maintains a unified system of addictions and mental health services for all residents of Morris County
  2. cooperates actively with state and local groups involved in addictions and mental health planning to assure a quality network of integrated care
  3. provides professional and technical assistance as required by the Morris County Mental Health Addictions Services Advisory Board (MHASAB)
  4. actively participates in the development of comprehensive planning documents relating to addictions and mental health services

Continuum of Care Committee

The Morris County Continuum of Care is both a strategic planning body and a vehicle to carry out the responsibilities of a Continuum of Care as defined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which includes but are limited to the following duties:

  1. To operate the Continuum of Care as prescribed by HUD in the Continuum of Care program regulations
  2. To designate and operate HMIS (Homeless Management Information System)
  3. To coordinate and implement a system to meet the needs of the homeless population within the CoC area
  4. To prepare and oversee an annual application for federal funds targeted to individuals who are homeless
  5. To oversee and implement the local 10-year plan and other local activities associated with preventing and ending homeless locally.
  6. To ensure that the CoC has strong oversight and guidance through the community-led CoC Executive Committee and its CoC Committee.

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