MC OEM – EOP Re-Certification



The following criteria, effective for those emergency operations plans due for re-certification approval after December 31, 1999, has been established by the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management.

The following items must be complete, up-to-date and documented in a letter from the Municipal Coordinator to the County Office of Emergency Management. (Sample Provided).

  • Current Municipal Resolutions/Documentation
    • Appointment of the Emergency Management Coordinator
    • Appointment of the Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator
    • Appointment of Municipal Local Emergency Planning Council (LEPC)
  • Current Approval Pages for the Basic Plan and Annexes
  • Current Recall/Duty Rosters for the annexes
  • Current Mutual Aid Agreements
  • Current Record of change page, Basic Plan, documenting changes made based on deficiencies identified through actual implementation and/or exercising of the plan itself.
  • Updated MCOEM Agency Information File (Provided)
  • Updated MCOEM Frequency Information File (Provided)
  • Updated MCOEM R.A.C.E.S. Information File (Provided)

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