NJ124 Corridor Transit Access Improvement Study

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Study Overview

The NJ 124 Corridor Transit Access Improvement Study (NJ 124 Transit Study) provides analysis and recommendations for improving access to the three NJ Transit commuter rail stations in the NJ 124 Corridor: Chatham, Madison, and Convent Station. These three stations are served by the NJ Transit Morris & Essex Rail Line. The study area included NJ 124 through Chatham Borough, Madison Borough, and Morris Township, as well as some analysis in Chatham Township, Florham Park Borough, and Harding Township.

Map showing Convent, Madison, and Chatham train stations

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The municipalities in the study area and the public have indicated that access to the Morris & Essex Line is restricted due to limited parking and congested roads. The NJ 124 Transit Study stakeholders have individually conducted planning studies to assess transportation conditions in the study corridor. However, a new comprehensive analysis and more recent data are required to identify current and future needs, and to produce a solid, supported, and implementable plan on how to meet those needs.

This study was funded through the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority’s Subregional Studies Program and managed by the Morris County Division of Engineering & Transportation. The project began in January 2012 and was completed in June 2013.

Summary Documents

Final Report

Project Objectives

Determine the most effective and acceptable course of action to improve access to the train stations in southeast Morris County for all users of all ages and abilities, including transit dependent populations.

  • Assessment of existing conditions including current land uses, transportation infrastructure inventory, and current modes of access at Chatham, Madison, and Convent Stations:
    • Rail Ridership
    • Parking capacity and utilization
    • Parking management
    • Bicycle and pedestrian accessibility
    • Transit accessibility
    • Current bus/shuttle routes and demand
  • Assessment of future conditions, including future land use and modes of access at Chatham, Madison, and Convent Stations and gaps between anticipated supply (parking capacity, roadway capacity) and forecasted demand
  • Assessment of the potential impact on transit usage and access that may result from land use or zoning changes
  • Development of proposed strategies to increase transit usage and meet access needs at the three stations in the near and long term future, including costs, potential funding sources, and next steps
  • Collect data, present recommendations, and develop conclusions within an interactive, stakeholder framework

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

  • Marshall Bartlett, Harding Township
  • Joseph Burdulia, New Jersey Department of Transportation
  • Jim Burnet, Madison Borough
  • Dan Callas, TransOptions, Inc.
  • Thomas Ciccarone, Chatham Township
  • Debra Dellagiacoma, Morris County Division of Engineering
  • Vince DeNave, Chatham Borough
  • John Hayes, Morris County Division of Engineering & Transportation
  • RJ Palladino, NJ Transit
  • Timothy Quinn, Morris Township
  • Gerald Rohsler, Morris County Division of Engineering & Transportation
  • Michael Sgaramella, Florham Park Borough
  • Elizabeth Thompson, North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority