Rt. 24 & Columbia Tpk. Interchange Improvements - Concept Development

Update: View the 5/17/22 Public Info Session Video

The Route 24 and Columbia Turnpike Interchange Improvements Concept Development project examines and presents four alternatives to improve traffic movement between the Route 24 eastbound off-ramp and the intersection of Columbia Turnpike (CR 510) and Park Avenue (CR 623), and to reduce congestion at this intersection.

Route 24/Columbia Turnpike interchange map

The municipalities in the area of the Route 24 and Columbia Turnpike interchange have had significant commercial and residential growth over the past decades. The interchange, located at the border of Hanover Township and Florham Park, is heavily used by commuters, and the nearby intersection of Columbia Turnpike and Park Avenue is highly congested.

Columbia Turnpike is further affected in the morning by the weaving movement of traffic exiting Route 24 eastbound onto Columbia Turnpike westbound and turning left onto Park Avenue southbound; this movement creates congestion that backs up onto Route 24 in the morning.

Route 24 is under NJDOT’s jurisdiction, and Columbia Turnpike and Park Avenue are under Morris County’s jurisdiction.

NJDOT hired IH Engineers, PC to conduct this study. NJDOT and the consultant team held two Public Officials meetings and conducted a Public Information Center as they advanced this study. The Report was completed in January 2021.

Concept Development

Preliminary Preferred Alternative