Walkable Community Workshops

About Walkable Communities

“Walkable” Communities have sidewalk networks, safe crossing opportunities, and destinations that are within walking distances. The pedestrian environment is safe and attractive. Morris County has many towns and villages in which it is a pleasure to walk. Active town centers with shopping and dining opportunities are enhanced by many historic sites and lovely neighborhoods. Most of the older communities in Morris County, as well as many of the newer ones, have good sidewalk systems.

Communities can become more pedestrian friendly. Citizens and officials can evaluate their communities, plan for improvements, and adopt the policies and programs to make walking easier and more pleasant. The Partnership for a Walkable America can help with various tools, including the Walk Our Children to School Information Kit. The FHWA has developed a Pedestrian Safety Road Show through which interested citizens and community leaders can learn how to improve local conditions for walking.


Walkable Community Workshops are held to help identify measures that support and encourage pedestrian mobility, and reduce automobile dependence for local trips within a community. Below are summary reports of workshops held in Morris County.