Adult Mosquito Control Operation 7/30/2021 PM

Published on July 29, 2021

 7/30/21 PM

Due to an increase in adult mosquito populations, weather permitting, we will be treating the streets at the following locations via truck mounted sprayer on 7/30/2021 between the hours of 7:00 PM-11:00 PM. We will be using Fyfanon ULV, active ingredient Malathion, EPA# 279-3539, Pesticide Applicator License Number 20262B

Montville- Rachel Gardens Rd, Chapin Rd,  Bloomfield Ave,  Prospect Pl, Karen Rd, Cindy Rd, Margaret Dr, Vanwinkle Rd, John St,  Maple Ave, New Maple Ave, Adamary Pl,  Hook Mountain Rd, Efflingham Low Ct, Mary Ave, William St, Roeri Rd, Marts Ln, Spruce Ln, Tamarack Ln, Pine Brook Rd,  Coppola Ct, Weldon Pl, Nicholas St,  Willard Ln,  Longview Dr,  Beverly Dr,  Midvale Ave, Peace Valley Rd,  Two Bridges Rd,  Sunrise Way, Green Ridge Dr, Tara Ln,  Crest Terrace, Jotham Rd,  Craig Ct, Stephen Dr, Eberhardt Ct,  White Oak Ln, Windsor Dr, Rand Rd, Garrity Terrace, Eberhardt Ct, Toby Terrace, Douglas Dr, Cliff Rd, Spring Ln,  Cedar Rd, Jarambek Dr,  Van Duyne Ct, Hewlett Rd, Holbrook Ct, Turner Ln, Evergreen Ct, Hilldale Rd, Gathering Drive, Valley View Dr, Lee Court

Lincoln Park – Gettysburg, Toms Point, Robertson Way, Pine Brook Rd, Stoney Ridge Dr


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