Adult Mosquito Operation 8/2/2023 PM

Published on July 31, 2023

8/2/2023 PM

Due to an increase in adult mosquito populations, weather permitting, we will be treating the streets at the following locations via truck mounted sprayer on 8/2/2023 between the hours of 8:00 PM-2:00 AM.  We will be using Anvil 2+2, active ingredient Sumithrin, EPA#1021-1687-8329 or Zenivex E4, active ingredient Etofenprox, EPA#2724-807, Pesticide Applicator License Number 20262B

Hanover - Route 10 East and Route 10 West (between North Jefferson Rd and South Ridgedale Ave), Prince Rd, Troy Hills Rd, Sunset Dr, Runnymede Ct, Manchester Dr, Black Brook Dr, Seamount Dr, Kathryn Dr, Griffin Dr, Frank Terrace, Leamoor Dr, South Beaumont Pl, Beaumont Pl, Troy Rd, Algonquin Parkway, Anna Terrace, Highland Ave Polhemus Terr, Andrew Rd, Behrens Dr, Addie Lane, Sherry Lane, Branford Rd, Fischer Pl, Lois St, Hill Crest Rd, Nemic Ln, Reynolds Ave, Hubert St, Cortright Rd, Baird Pl, Schindler Ct, David Dr, Forest Hill Ct, Magnolia Dr, Grove Pl, Woodcrest Rd, Glenn Pl, Skurla Ln, Howell St, N Pond Rd, Buckingham Rd, Fenwick Rd, Berkshire St, Alanon St, Handzel Rd, Bee Meadow Parkway, Parsippany Rd, Legion Pl, Vale Rd, Sun Rise Dr, Woodland Ave, Washington St, Kearney Ave, Lionel Pl, Wilson Pl, Gloria Ave, Lefke Rd Ln, Joseph Street, John St, Marlin Dr, Kitchell Pl, Oak Ridge Dr, Whippany Rd, Eden Ln, Boxwood Ct, Vincent Terr, Ertman Dr, Fairchild Pl, Fieldstone Dr , Woodfield Dr, Westview Dr, Emerson, Clemmens Terr, Llewellyn Ct, Thea Pl, Joan Pl, Erna Pl, Shamrock Pl, Leo Pl, Karla Dr, Salem Dr East, Salem Dr West, Park Avenue, Monroe Ct, Knollwood Rd, Walnut Rd, Pleasant Valley Rd, Elizabeth St, Ford Hill Rd, Hill Top Circle, Oak Glen Pl, Jefferie Trail, Stirling Ct, Longview Dr, Old Store Ln, Jacque Terr, Mayor Pl, Cove Lane Rd, Deerfield Rd, Sharon Dr, Crestview Terr, Adams Dr, Druetzler Ct, Hamilton Ct, Martin Rd, Crescent Dr, Doris Pl, Lafayette Ct, Hansch Dr, East Fairchild Pl, Smith Field Rd, Independence Dr, Valley Forge Dr, Bunker Hill Rd, Concord Rd, Brandywine Ct, Heritage Ln, Constitution Pl, Lexington Ct, Overlook Rd, Ridge Rd, Gu lick Rd, Airport Rd


Parsippany – Jacksonville Rd, Entin Rd, Lake Shore Dr, Irvington Rd, Glassboro Rd, Garfield Rd, Eldora Rd, Deerfield Rd, Papscoe Dr, Hamilton Rd, Fairmount Rd


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