Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs)

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region 2 and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) hosted a virtual meeting on the Flood Insurance Study and Flood Insurance Rate Map update for 36 of the 39 jurisdictions in Morris County for Community Officials. The FEMA partial countywide update and NJDEP partial map revision (PMR) projects will be combined and have a tentative preliminary issuance date in late 2024. More information regarding the PMR maps is below.

For additional information on the Partial Countywide Map adoption process see the FEMA fact sheet(PDF, 158KB)

NJDEP is undertaking a study that will be updating the preliminary FIRMS (2016/2017). NJDEP is coordinating with FEMA on this partial map revision (PMR) for Morris County. Refer to the Map(PDF, 334KB) and List of Waterways(PDF, 204KB) for the locations of the PMR study.

Scientific Resolution Panel (SRP) municipalities maps are on a separate track than these 36 municipalities. FEMA is currently in the process of generating new flood maps for those three (3) municipalities (Lincoln Park, Montville and Pequannock). FEMA has released the preliminary FIRMs (SRP Revised Preliminary Maps) for these municipalities. The maps and data can be found here: hazards.fema.gov/femaportal/prelimdownload. An estimated effective date will be summer 2025.

For specifics on FEMAs Scientific Resolution Panel process see the Overview document.(PDF, 363KB)

Scientific Resolution Panel (SRP) website tracking the process of specific panels.

See the Map Adoption Process page for specifics once the SRP process has been completed.

Learn What Goes Into a Flood Map.(PDF, 10MB)

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) which delineate special flood hazard areas and specific flood risk zones.  This information is used to determine:

  • flood insurance requirements
  • flood insurance rates
  • where local floodplain development regulations apply

FEMA continues to work on updating the Morris County FIRMs. Until these new preliminary FIRMs are formally adopted, the existing FIRMs will remain in effect as the basis of flood insurance premiums/rates and floodplain regulations. 

This updated flood hazard information will help municipalities, residents and businesses plan for and reduce the risk from flooding in the future.  Start taking steps now to keep your communities and families safe from flood risk.

Know Your Risk

Understand the risk of flooding(PDF, 2MB)  in your area so that you will know how future floods may affect you and if specific flood insurance and building requirements apply to your property (or will apply in the future). View the preliminary FIRMs to find out your specific flood risk.

Know Your Role

Learn about your role in the map update process as a municipal official or as a property owner (homeowner, renter or business owner) and how you can reduce flood risk to your property and your community.

Take Action!

Use FEMA flood hazard data to make informed decisions to reduce your flood risk, such as rebuilding/recovery efforts or purchasing flood insurance.