Municipal Master Plans and Ordinances/Development Regulations

Online master plans, ordinances and/or code books are for informational purposes only. Please contact the respective municipality for the official version of these documents. The Morris County Planning Board also maintains municipal master plans and zoning ordinances on file in accordance with the County Planning Act and Municipal Land Use Law.

Municipal Plans and Ordinances (updated)
Municipality Master Plan Ordinance / Code Book Other
Boonton Town Boonton Master Plan Document(s) Boonton Ordinance/Code Book Boonton Zoning-Map
Boonton Township Boonton Township Master Plan Document(s) Boonton Township Ordinance/Code Book

Boonton Township Zoning Map

Butler Borough Butler Master Plan Document(s) Butler Ordinance/Code Book Butler Zoning Map
Chatham Borough Chatham Borough Master Plan Document(s) Chatham Borough Ordinance/Code Book Chatham Borough Zoning Map
Chatham Township Chatham Township Master Plan Document(s) Chatham Township Ordinance/Code Book

Chatham Township Recently Adopted and Pending Ordinances
Chatham Township Zoning Map

Chester Borough Chester Borough Master Plan Document(s) Chester Borough Ordinance/Code Book Chester Borough Zoning Map
Chester Township Chester Township Master Plan Document(s) Chester Township Ordinance/Code Book Chester Township Zoning Map
Denville Township Denville Master Plan Document(s) Denville Ordinance/Code Book

Denville Pending Ordinances
Denville Zoning Map

Town of Dover Dover Master Plan Document(s) Dover Ordinance/Code Book Dover Land Use and Development Handbook Dover Zoning Map
East Hanover Township East Hanover Master Plan Document(s) East Hanover Ordinance/Code Book East Hanover Zoning Map
Florham Park Borough Florham Park Master Plan Document(s) Florham Park Ordinance/Code Book Florham Park Zoning Map
Hanover Township Hanover Master Plan Document(s) Hanover Ordinance/Code Book Hanover Zoning Map
Harding Township Harding Master Plan Document(s) Harding Ordinance/Code Book Harding Zoning Map
Jefferson Township Jefferson Master Plan Document(s) Jefferson Ordinance/Code Book Jefferson Recently Adopted Ordinances
Jefferson Zoning Map
Kinnelon Borough Kinnelon Master Plan Document(s) Kinnelon Ordinance/Code Book Kinnelon Recently Adopted Ordinances
Lincoln Park Borough Not Available Online Lincoln Park Ordinance/Code Book Lincoln Park Recently Adopted Ordinances
Long Hill Township Long Hill Master Plan Document(s) Long Hill Ordinance/Code Book Long Hill Recently Adopted and Pending Ordinances
Long Hill Zoning Map
Madison Borough Madison Master Plan Document(s) Madison Ordinance/Code Book Madison Zoning Map
Mendham Borough Mendham Borough Master Plan Document(s) Mendham Borough Ordinance/Code Book Mendham Borough Zoning Map
Mendham Township Mendham Township Master Plan Document
Mendham Township Ordinance/Code Book Mendham Township Zoning Map
Mine Hill Township Mine Hill Master Plan Document(s) Mine Hill Ordinance/Code Book Mine Hill Zoning Map
Montville Township Montville Master Plan Document(s) Montville Ordinance/Code Book Montville Zoning Map
Morris Plains Borough Morris Plains Master Plan Document(s) Morris Plains Ordinance/Code Book Morris Plains Recently Adopted Ordinances
Morris Plains Zoning Map
Morris Township Morris Township Master Plan Document(s) Morris Township Ordinance/Code Book Morris Township Recently Adopted Ordinances
Morris Township Zoning Map
Morristown Morristown Master Plan Document(s) Morristown Ordinance/Code Book Morristown Zoning Map
Mount Arlington Borough Mount Arlington Master Plan Document(s) Mount Arlington Ordinance/Code Book Mount Arlington Zoning Map
Mount Olive Township Mount Olive Master Plan Document(s) Mount Olive Ordinance/Code Book Mount Olive Recently Adopted Ordinances
Mount Olive Zoning Map
Mountain Lakes Borough Mountain Lakes Master Plan Document(s) Mountain Lakes Ordinance/Code Book Mountain Lakes Zoning Map
Netcong Borough Netcong Master Plan Document(s) Netcong Ordinance/Code Book Netcong Zoning Map
Parsippany-Troy Hills Township Parsippany Master Plan Document(s) Parsippany Ordinance/Code Book Parsippany-Troy Hills Public GIS Portal / Zoning Map
Pequannock Township Pequannock Master Plan Document(s) Pequannock Ordinance/Code Book Pequannock Recently Adopted Ordinances Pequannock Zoning Map
Randolph Township Randolph Master Plan Document(s) Randolph Ordinance/Code Book Randolph Zoning Map
Riverdale Borough Riverdale Master Plan Document(s) Riverdale Ordinance/Code Book Riverdale Recently Adopted Ordinances
Riverdale Zoning Map
Rockaway Borough Rockaway Borough Master Plan Document(s) Rockaway Borough Ordinance/Code Book

Rockaway Borough Zoning Map

Rockaway Township Rockaway Township Master Plan Document(s) Rockaway Township Ordinance/Code Book Rockaway Township Zoning Map
Roxbury Township Roxbury Master Plan Document(s) Roxbury Ordinance/Code Book Roxbury Zoning Map
Victory Gardens Borough Not Available Online Victory Gardens Ordinance/Code Book Not Available Online
Washington Township Washington Township Master Plan Document(s) Washington Township Ordinance/Code Book Washington Township Zoning Map
Wharton Borough Wharton Master Plan Document(s) Wharton Ordinance/Code Book Wharton Zoning Map

Notes on Use

The availability and location of these document links within websites varies greatly by municipality and in many cases direct a user to a third-party website. In some cases, links may direct the user to a page which includes multiple documents, including but not limited to, local Master Plans and Ordinance/Code Books. Land Use, Land Subdivision and Zoning Ordinances will typically be found within municipal Ordinance/Code Books under these subheadings. Some websites list their Land Use Ordinances separate from their Code Book and these are provided where available. Some websites include a special link to newly or recently adopted Ordinances, which may or may not have been incorporated into the municipal Code Book and these are also provided where available. Links to Zoning Maps are provided where available. Proposed Master Plan and Ordinance amendments that have not been adopted and/or codified are not included in this listing.

This listing will be updated periodically, but as this information is constantly changing, the County of Morris cannot guarantee that links to websites, Master Plan documents or Ordinance/Code Books are the most current, that the links incorporate most recent changes or amendments or that all relevant or related documents are posted online. All electronic data should be considered informational only; municipalities should be contacted directly for official and complete versions of this data.