Public Health

If Called, Take the New Jersey Behavioral Risk Factor Survey!

The New Jersey Behavioral Risk Factor Survey collects data on health-related behaviors, chronic health conditions, and the use of preventive services.

If your phone number is randomly selected, your caller ID will show “New Jersey Department of Health.” They will ask you questions about your health and health care. All answers are confidential.

Learn more about the survey.
Our mission is to:

  • promote public health
  • prevent the spread of disease
  • protect the environment, through awareness, compliance, education, training, and emergency response

Our public health infrastructure is important. Protection against disease and bioterrorism requires a strong public health system at the local level. Between the time first cases are identified and a second wave of people become ill, we need to figure out if an attack has occurred, identify the organism, and prevent further spread.


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Department Head

Carlos Perez, Jr., Ph. D.

Health Officer, County of Morris
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