The Morris County Sheriff’s Office is steadfastly committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all employees and job applicants. As a strong advocate of affirmative action, we strive to have a workforce which is representative of Morris County’s population. To that end, we endeavor to recruit and encourage the best-qualified candidates who share our commitment to providing responsible, effective and efficient law enforcement services to the residents of Morris County.

We maintain an extremely positive working relationship with both the community and the other law enforcement agencies we serve and we offer a healthy work environment with high morale and an ideology which fosters a deep respect for individual talent.

A candidate will meet with the Sheriff, or designee, prior to a conditional job offer.

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Employment Overview

To be eligible for a position as a sheriff’s officer, applicants must first take the Law Enforcement Examination (LEE) administered by the New Jersey Civil Service Commission. The purpose of this written test is to generate a pool of eligible candidates who are then placed on a list which is used to fill law enforcement positions throughout the state. For more information about the exam as well as other pertinent information, visit the Civil Service Commission website.

When a vacancy occurs within the sheriff’s office, the Civil Service Commission is asked to provide the Morris County Sheriff’s Office with a list of the highest ranked eligible candidates. This sets in motion our selection and hiring process.

Note: Applicants must be residents of Morris County.

The Selection Process

Qualified applicants invited to apply for a position with the Morris County Sheriff’s Office will undergo a rigorous selection process as summarized below. This process is designed to assess the knowledge, skills, abilities, character and physical and psychological fitness of candidates. Generally speaking, this process will take eight weeks to complete.

  1. Interview
    Your initial interview will be conducted by a background investigator who will provide you with a formal application and information packet containing a job description, salary guide, list of benefits and career paths available within the bureau for which you have applied for a position. The background investigator will review this information with you, answer any questions you may have and set a time and date for your return with the completed formal application. At this juncture, the investigator will also verify your identification and possession of a valid driver’s license and arrange for the submission of fingerprints and photo for a criminal records check. A physical fitness assessment will be conducted by a Certified Physical Fitness Instructor who utilizes Police Training Commission (PTC) standards to evaluate a candidate’s ability to successfully complete the mandatory Basic Police Academy physical training. You will be required to provide medical clearance from your physician prior to participation in this assessment.
  2. Return of Completed Formal Application
    On the appointed day and time, you will return your completed formal application to the assigned background investigator who will review it with you to ensure that it is complete and accurate. Following this, the investigator will advise you of the next phase of the selection process.
  3. Background Investigation
    This begins after your initial interview and includes verification of employment, education, credit history, results of a criminal history check, and law enforcement contacts, reference checks and interviews with friends, family and neighbors. The background investigator will document his/her findings in a written report to the chief of the bureau you are applying for a position with.
  4. Formal Board Review/Interview
    You will be required to appear before a panel comprised of superior officers and background investigators for a formal interview at which time your responses to a series of subjective questions relating to the position you are applying for will be gauged and scored.
  5. Medical Examination
    Job candidates who have successfully completed the preceding steps will next undergo a thorough medical exam conducted by a county-appointed physician and drug screening through an approved laboratory. The physician will prepare a detailed report and make a recommendation as to your physical fitness and suitability for employment with the Morris County Sheriff’s Office.
  6. Psychological Evaluation
    The final step for job candidates who have successfully completed all of the above will be a psychological evaluation performed and certified by a licensed psychologist. The psychologist will then prepare a detailed report and make a recommendation as to your fitness for employment with the Morris County Sheriff’s Office.

If you successfully complete all portions of this process and are selected for employment as a sheriff’s officer, you will be required to complete a 20-week Basic Police Academy.

If you successfully complete all portions of this process but are NOT selected for employment, you will remain eligible for reapplication and your name will be retained by the Morris County Sheriff’s Office for future vacancies.

If you fail to successfully complete any portion of this process, falsify any information, or are disqualified for cause, you will be removed from consideration and will be ineligible for reapplication.

Sample Benefits

Sample Benefits of Employment at the Sheriff’s Office
Category Benefit
Starting Salary Bureau of Law Enforcement: $44,162
Bureau of Corrections: $47,352
Typical Schedule 40 hour work week
Sick Days 1 day per month for first year of employment, 15 days per year for each subsequent year.

Accumulated sick time may be cashed in up to a maximum of $12,000 after 25 years of service.
Paid Vacation Less than 1 year: 1 day for each month worked
1st to 6th anniversary: 12 days
6th to 12th anniversary: 15 days
12th to 17th anniversary: 18 days
18th to 24th anniversary: 21 days
After 24th anniversary: 25 days
Health Insurance Medical and prescription coverage with optional dental and optical coverage.
Other Annual allowance for maintenance of uniforms
retirement plan based on your age at date of hire
college credit reimbursement program