Hope Hub

Hope Hub

Are you working with someone at an acutely elevated risk, in need of various services? Refer them to the Hope Hub!

The Hope Hub is a panel of multiple agencies that will work together to get the individuals or family members the help they need to thrive in the community.  The appropriate agencies will work together to connect the individuals or family members to life-changing services.

Note: If you have an open court case in municipal, pre-trail, drug, civil, or family court, you are not eligible for Hope Hub.  Instead, please apply for the Community Connections program.

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About Us

Since the inception of Hope One, there has been success in building community awareness and recognition. Hope One is recognized by residents in the county and has been entrusted with the lives of people struggling. 

With those successes comes the motivation and identified need to expand services to provide a continuum of care hub to wrap each individual or family with resources. Morris County Law Enforcement Officers and all project community partners will come together to expand the Hope One Project with the implementation of the Hope Hub.

The Hope Hub will be a multidisciplinary panel made up of law enforcement, social services, mental health services, healthcare providers, treatment providers and recovery specialists. These partners will present cases of individuals or families that are at an acutely elevated risk. The Hope Hub panel will determine if the individual or family would benefit from various service sectors. Those applicable agencies will then work together as a team to do a door knock or intervention. We are working together to help individuals and families struggling in Morris County.