How to Submit Your Mail-In Ballot

When you get your ballot in the mail, follow these instructions to properly fill it out:

  1. Seal your completed ballot in the certificate envelope.
  2. Sign the certificate envelope next to the red X.
  3. Seal the completed certificate envelope in the outer envelope provided.
  4. Return your completed mail-in ballot in one of the following ways:


In Person

You can return your Mail-In Ballot in person to the Board of Elections at:

Administration and Records Building - 2nd Floor
10 Court Street
Morristown, NJ 07960

Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm

Please note that you will be required to show ID at the counter when dropping off your ballot. If you are dropping off a ballot for someone else, be sure to fill out the bearer portion of the outer envelope in front of the voter before arriving at the office.

Mail-In Ballots must be returned to our office by 8PM on Election Day.


After following the instructions above, you can mail your ballot back to the Board of Elections using the United States Postal Service. No postage is necessary if mailing within the United States.

Mail-In Ballots returned via USPS must be postmarked by Election Day and received no later than the following Monday.

Drop Boxes

Prefer to drop off your mail-in ballot, instead of sending it in the mail? Vote-by-Mail Drop Boxes are installed at 30 locations across Morris County.

They are all outside and under surveillance 24/7.  They resemble a USPS Blue Mailbox, but are Red, White & Blue and display “Morris County – Official Ballot Drop Box.”

The Vote-By-Mail ballots (VBMs) will be picked up on a daily basis and brought to the BOE. All Security measures will be followed when collecting and transporting the VBMs.

 Drop Box Locations

Drop Boxes will be closed at 8PM on Election Day.

Federal Overseas/Military Voting

Please carefully read all of the instructions provided before filling out your ballot and returning it. 

You may return your ballot via fax or email.
Please follow up by mailing back the original.
You must sign and include the waiver form in you email/faxed submission.

Return Ballot E-Mail Address: [email protected]
Return Ballot Fax: (973)-285-5208
Return Ballot Mailing Address:
Board of Elections
Administration & Records Building
PO Box 900
Morristown, NJ 07960-0900






If you would like more information on accessibility and voting by mail please click here.