Cyberbullying and Sexting Education Program

In this program, parents and youth will learn about all aspects of cyberbullying and sexting, including the legal and social consequences of both.

Facilitators will use a family systems approach and psycho-education to address these topics.

The workshops will consist of 2 one hour and a half sessions.

  • The first night's session is attended by both parent and child.
  • On the second night, the sessions will run concurrently with separate groups for the parent and child.

This program is available to all Morris County juveniles under 18 years of age.


Step 1.Fill out referral form 

Referral can be made to the Cyberbullying and Sexting Education Program by filling out this form:”

Fill out the referral form

Referrals can come from sources including, but not limited to:

  • Police Departments
  • Probation
  • Court
  • Parents/Guardians
  • Schools

(Note: If you're a parent, you will fill out both stages of the form, "Agency" and "Parent/Guardian." All other referrers will fill out the "Agency" stage, and send the form to a parent/guardian for signature.)

Step 2.We will contact you

Once we receive your signed form, we will contact the youth and their guardian by email with their scheduled date, time and location for their class.

Step 3.Attend the workshop 

The workshop will be taught by a Licensed Social Worker and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker from Family Intervention Services. Parents/guardians are required to attend with youth.