Emergency Management Directives

List of Directives
Directive Description
Help Information How to Use These On-Line Documents
Directive 33 Procedures in Requesting Aid as a Result of Fires
Directive 61 Duties and Powers of Municipal Emergency Management Coordinators and County Emergency Management Coordinators
Directive 74 Approval of Emergency Management Exercises
Directive 79 Rules and Regulations – Citizens Duty to Evacuate
Directive 84 Damage Assessment Reporting Procedures
Directive 102 Standards for Municipal Emergency Management Coordinators
Duty/Recall Info Municipal Duty/Recall Information & Form
Emergency Declaration Sample State of Emergency Declaration
Declaration Orders Sample State of Emergency Declaration Orders
Emergency Declaration Procedures Procedures to be followed and documentation required for Declaration
EOP Re-Certification Recertification Criteria for Municipal Emergency Operations Plan
Exercise Request Sample letter requesting approval to conduct exercises
Exercise Requirements Exercise Guidelines, Goals, and Requirements
Exercise Sign-In Form Exercise Attendance Sheet
LEPC Appointment Requirements Emergency Operations Council Appointment Directive
Municipal Police Departments Phone, Fax numbers for Morris County PDs and County Public Safety Departments
Re-Certification Request Sample letter requesting re-certification of Municipal EOP from State of NJ