Apply for Subsidized Housing


Step 1.Complete the Preliminary Application

In order to have your name placed on any of our housing waiting lists, you must complete the preliminary online application. 

Apply Now and Put your Name on the List

The Preliminary Applications are only available online. Hand-Delivered, faxed or emailed applications are not accepted.

Step 2.Receive a Control Number and Registration Code

When you complete the application, you will receive a Control Number and Registration Code to create an Account on our 'Applicant Portal'.  Click Create/Update Account at the bottom of the message.

Step 3.Register for the Applicant Portal

Register as a New User and enter your email address and create a password.  Then click Register Confirmation and an email will be sent to you to verify your account. When you Log-In for the first time, a Two-Factor Authentication Code will be emailed to you.   

Please note it can take up to 30 days for your application to be marked eligible before you will see your name under Waiting List(s).

NOTE:  The Waiting List is approximately 3 years for applicants with at least two preferences.

Step 4.Update all Changes to your Information through the Applicant Portal

Once your name has been placed on any of our program waiting lists, all changes (family size, address, income, preferences, etc.) must be made through the portal only.


Note: Mail-in applications are provided as a reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities and senior citizens ONLY.  However, online applications are strongly encouraged as it places an applicant's name on the waiting list more expeditiously.  The Housing Authority County of Morris does not accept responsibility for any applications that are lost or delayed through the mail.

Step 1.Call Us

Call our office at 973-540-0389 and we will mail you a housing application.

Step 2.Complete the Preliminary Application

Once you receive the preliminary application in the mail, fill it out and mail it back to:

Morris County Housing Authority
99 Ketch Road
Morristown, NJ

Step 3.Additional Instructions

Please follow the instructions on the Online Application Page to create an account in the 'Applicant Portal'.