Law Enforcement Alerts Public to Need for Vigilance on Friday, Oct. 13

Published on October 12, 2023

Morris County and municipal law enforcement agencies, along with our state and federal partners, are closely monitoring international events to ensure all our citizens can safely conduct their lives and worship within their communities. Law enforcement is aware that yesterday, the former leader of Hamas declared Friday, October 13, 2023, to be a worldwide “Day of Jihad,” calling for protests across the world, and causing security concerns across the United States. 

Morris County law enforcement remains vigilant to protect all houses of worship within our county.  Law enforcement will also ensure that any protests or demonstrations remain peaceful at all locations including our educational institutions.

Prosecutor Robert Carroll, Sheriff James Gannon, and the Morris County Police Chiefs Association are coordinating operations to ensure all law enforcement agencies within the county receive updated intelligence information, and will remain on high alert and maintain contact with houses of worship to ensure open lines of communication. Additional law enforcement presence at religious facilities will be made available where needed or appropriate.  The Morris County law enforcement agencies, as well as our state and federal partners, will continue to update our religious leaders throughout the county, and will provide additional information if credible threats that affect our religious facilities and community are verified. We are absolutely committed to ensuring the safety and security of all Morris County residents, which of course includes our faith-based communities. We remain especially vigilant as the situation in Israel continues to unfold in the coming days.

In Morris County over the past weekend, Members of Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, in conjunction with the Morris County Sheriff’s Office and local police departments, conducted over 35 property checks and conducted meetings at Jewish and Muslim facilities.

Currently, there is no credible information indicating this international conflict brings a specific threat to New Jersey. We are also not aware of any credible threats involving houses of worship in our region. However, it remains critical that we work together as a community to promote a safe and secure environment. 

Prosecutor Carroll said, “These horrific events and tragic loss of life in the attacks in Israel are reprehensible by any civilized measure and we all pray for all the victims and their families.  The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office will provide personnel for the protective overt and covert surveillance within Morris County.”

Sheriff Gannon said, “The Morris County Sheriff’s Office will continue to provide resources and support to all our religious facilities and communities. I cannot understate the importance of continued communication between our faith leaders and law enforcement.”

Mendham Township Police Chief and Morris County Police Chief’s Association President Ross Johnson said, “Law enforcement is providing increased security, both overtly and covertly, at and near our local houses of worship.  During these tense times it is vital that the public remains vigilant and reports suspicious or concerning activity immediately by calling 911 or their local police department.”

Morris County law enforcement encourages citizens to report suspicious activity to the Counterterrorism Watch Desk via 1-866-4-SAFE-NJ or [email protected], The public’s assistance in reporting suspicious activity is key to preventing the next potential terrorist attack. 



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