Morris County Prosecutor’s Office Members Attend Recruitment Fairs

Published on March 20, 2024

Members of the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office recently attended two regional recruitment fairs – the Humanities and Social Sciences & Communication and Creative Arts Expo at Rowan University on March 6, and the Recruitment Fair hosted by the Union County Prosecutor’s Office held at Kean University on March 13, 2024. 

Morris County Prosecutor’s Office members collected resumes and spoke with several interested persons about potential careers in law enforcement.

For more information on applying for positions with the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office can be found at,

Career Fair 2024 A.jpg

MCPO Sgt. Patrick LaGuerre.

Career Fair 2024 B.jpg

Sgt. LaGuerre and Det. Ashley Gonzalez.

Career Fair 2024 C.jpg

Union County Prosecutor William Daniel and MCPO Sgt. LaGuerre.

Career Fair 2024 D.jpg

Union County Prosecutor William Daniel, MCPO Sgt. LaGuerre, and UCPO Chief Harvey Barnwell.