U.S. Military Veterans Serving at the MCPO Honored

Published on November 17, 2023

In honor of Veterans Day, the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office began the annual tradition of recognizing U.S. Military Veterans who serve in the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office. The program was the idea of then Chief of Staff Daniel Pfeiffer, himself an Army Veteran.

On November 14, 2023, Prosecutor Robert J. Carroll and his command staff again recognized Veterans Day with members of the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office who served in the United States Armed Forces before pursuing a career with the Prosecutor’s Office. Twenty-two (22) current and former members have been recognized as U.S. Veterans. This year, Christopher Cannon, a U.S. Air Force and Army Veteran, and recently appointed Detective at the office, was presented with a certificate of recognition for his service.

The following list identifies each member, and the respective military branch in which they served:

Chief of Staff Daniel Pfeiffer                                                  U.S. Army

Chief Robert McNally                                                             U.S. Marine Corps

Captain Harrison Dillard                                                        U.S. Army

Detective Supervisor Christopher Vanadia                         U.S. Army

Lieutenant Michael Gomez                                                    U.S. Army

Sergeant Jimmy Atoche                                                         U.S. Army

Detective Supervisor Joseph Ellis                                          U.S. Army

Detective Supervisor Muhammad Thomas                         U.S. Marine Corps

Assistant Prosecutor Julian Hill                                              U.S. Army

Detective Janet Thai                                                               U.S. Marine Corps

Lieutenant Edward Jones                                                       U.S. Air Force

Sergeant Robert McDermott                                                  U.S. Coast Guard

Supervising Assistant Prosecutor Francine Ehrenberg       U.S. Army

Detective Edward Mitreuter                                                    U.S. Marine Corps

Assistant Prosecutor Robert Preziosi                                     U.S. Army

Director Al Imperiale (Deceased)                                            U.S. Army

Agent John Jespersen                                                              U.S. Marine Corps

Detective Anthony Del Viscovo                                               U.S. Air Force

Detective Owen M. Curry                                                        U.S. Marine Corps

Detective Thomas McEnroe                                                   U.S. Marine Corps Reserve

Detective Dakota Keyworth                                                    U.S. Army

Detective Christopher Cannon                                                U.S. Air Force and Army 



L-R: Lt. Michael Gomez; Chief Robert McNally; Detective Christopher Cannon; Prosecutor Robert J. Carroll; Detective Dakota Keyworth

Prosecutor Carroll said, “The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office continues to recognize and support our military veterans who have chosen service before self, and after serving our Country, many have moved on to pursue law enforcement careers to continue this selfless approach to life.” 

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