Public Health

Our mission is to:

  • promote public health
  • prevent the spread of disease
  • protect the environment, through awareness, compliance, education, training, and emergency response

Our public health infrastructure is important. Protection against disease and bioterrorism requires a strong public health system at the local level. Between the time first cases are identified and a second wave of people become ill, we need to figure out if an attack has occurred, identify the organism, and prevent further spread.


Other Resources


  • Health Officer: Carlos Perez, Jr. M.P.A. is responsible for oversight of the public health preparedness efforts, working closely with State and Municipal health departments to respond to any public health emergency. He is also responsible for compliance with the County Environmental Health Act, activities overseeing environmental emergencies and complains to ensure compliance with a State codes in the areas of air, safe drinking water, surface water enforcement, noise and hazardous materials emergency response.
  • PHENS Coordinator: Maintains the electronic Health Alert Network at the county level and disseminates public health information from the State to local health and community partners.
  • Health Educator/Risk Communicator: Responsible for assessing workforce, community and individual education needs in order to provide appropriate training. She coordinates important information in times of emergencies from the State to the County and municipal and community agencies who will provide information to the media and their communities.
  • Public Health Nurse: Responsible for initiation and reception of the Strategic National Stockpile. She develops plans for the establishment of mass prophylaxis clinics and collaborates with the municipal public health nurses.
  • HazMat Technicians: Respond to hazardous material emergencies and coordinates response with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Environmental Health/Compliance: Responsible for environmental health and compliance, responding to complaints and emergencies, conducting inspections and investigations in air, safe drinking water, surface water, solid waste and noise.