Process Services

Civil Process is carried out by members of the Sheriff’s Legal Services Division. In this capacity, they handle a large volume of paperwork in connection with the processing and service of Summons and Complaints, Notices of Motion, Orders to Show Cause, Subpoenas, Writs of Replevin, Writs of Possession and Writs of Execution. For further information, call 973-829-8068.

Mailing Address/Location of the Legal Services Division

All general correspondence and requests for service should be sent to the following address:

Morris County Sheriff’s Office
Legal Services Division
30 Schuyler Place, 2nd Floor
Morristown, NJ 07960


Instructions and Procedures for Service

Service and mileage fees

Two fees are associated with civil process—the fee for the actual service of papers and a mileage fee.

The service fee varies depending upon the number of defendants served. Mileage fees are calculated per address and for each attempt of service.

Summons & Complaints Within New Jersey
Service Fee
First defendant 24.00
Second defendant 20.00
Other defendant or defendants named 16.00


Summons & Complaints Outside of New Jersey
Service Fee
First defendant 27.00
Second defendant 20.00
Other defendant or defendants named 16.00

Writs ($2.00 return of service fee included; mileage additional)
Service Fee
Ejectment 50.00
Execution 50.00
Possession 50.00
Replevin 50.00

Mileage Fees

Mileage fees are based on mileage from the Morris County Sheriff’s Office in Morristown to the address of service. A mileage fee for three attempts is required at the time of request for each residential service of all summons & complaints, writs of possession, writs of attachment, writs of replevin and writs of ejectment. A mileage fee for one attempt is required at the time of request for all writs of execution and service to any business address.

Mileage Fee per Municipality
Service Fee
Boonton 3.84
Brookside 2.24
Budd Lake 7.04
Butler 8.00
Califon 8.00
Cedar Knolls 1.60
Chatham 2.24
Chester 4.48
Convent Station 1.60
Denville 2.56
Dover 3.84
East Hanover 2.88
Flanders 5.76
Florham Park 1.60
Gillette 5.44
Gladstone 6.40
Green Village 2.24
Greystone Park 1.60
Hackettstown 8.00
Harding Township 2.24
Hanover 2.24
Ironia 3.20
Jefferson Township 8.00
Kenvil 5.12
Kinnelon 8.00
Lake Hiawatha 2.24
Lake Hopatcong 8.00
Landing 6.40
Ledgewood 5.44
Lincoln Park 5.76
Long Hill Township 5.12
Long Valley 5.76
Madison 1.60
Mendham 2.24
Meyersville 5.12
Millington 3.84
Mine Hill 4.48
Montville 4.48
Morris Plains 1.28
Morristown 1.00
Morris Township 1.28
Mount Arlington 6.40
Mount Freedom 2.24
Mount Olive 8.00
Mount Tabor 2.24
Mountain Lakes 3.84
Netcong 6.40
New Foundland 8.00
New Vernon 2.24
Oak Ridge 8.00
Parsippany 2.24
Passaic Township 5.12
Pequannock 7.04
Picatinny 3.84
Pine Brook 4.48
Pompton Plains 6.72
Port Murray 8.00
Pottersville 5.76
Randolph 4.80
Riverdale 7.36
Rockaway 2.88
Rock Valley 4.48
Roxbury Township 5.44
Stanhope 6.40
Stirling 5.12
Succasunna 5.44
Towaco 5.12
Victory Gardens 3.84
Wharton 4.80
Whippany 1.60
White Meadow Lake 3.52
Washington Township 8.00

Service types and paperwork requirements

The following table shows what paperwork should be sent for each type of service being requested. Please note that all services also require a letter stating the name and address of the party/parties to be served.

Service Types
Service What to Send
Summons and Complaint the original summons PLUS two copies
one copy of the complaint for each defendant being served
Notice of Motion the original notice PLUS two copies for each defendant being served
Order to Show Cause the original order PLUS two copies for each defendant being served
Order of Ejectment the original order PLUS two copies
Subpoena the original subpoena PLUS two copies for each defendant being served
Writ of Replevin the original writ PLUS two copies
Writ of Possession the original writ PLUS two copies
Civil Warrant the original Warrant for Arrest
a copy of the Order for Arrest
a description of the subject and his/her location
Civil warrants only: 973-285-6658
Wage Execution the original writ PLUS two copies
the employer’s correct address
the defendant’s social security number
the last known address of the defendant
Bank Levy the original writ PLUS two copies
if the defendant is an individual, the defendant’s last known address and social security number
if the defendant is a business, account number or identifiers
the name and address of the bank where the account is located
Asset Levy the original writ PLUS two copies
a specific detailed list of personal real property to be levied upon
where the property is located

Service attempts

A sheriff’s officer will make four attempts to execute the document(s), unless otherwise instructed, at which time the item will be returned to the requestor. It should be noted that additional mileage will be charged regardless of the success of the service.

Requests for re-service

To request that a document be re-served, please forward the same documents in the same quantity as specified above to our attention with a cover letter instructing that the papers are for re-service. Your original payment of the service fee will still cover service, however, you will need to submit payment once again for mileage fees. If your cover letter fails to clearly indicate that this is a request for re-service, full fees will apply.

Special note on writs of execution

Certain property is exempt from execution by federal and state law, including but not limited to: clothing, welfare benefits, social security benefits, SSI benefits, veteran’s benefits, unemployment benefits, workers compensation benefits and child support benefits. Additionally, the defendant may apply to the court for a $1,000.00 exemption of personal property in writing.

Clerk Certificate

While no longer required for documents received from Florida, California and New York, this certificate can be provided upon request for an additional fee of $5.00.

To inquire about the status of service, call 973-285-6666.