Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program

Eddie Eagle says, if you see a gun: Stop! Don't touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult.

An accident-prevention program for preschool through grade 3

Federal officials estimate that there are over 200 million firearms in the United States. Studies suggest that guns are kept in approximately one-third of all households.*

Whether or not a particular family owns firearms, chances are, neighbors and relatives do, making it likely that children will encounter a firearm at some point. From their earliest awareness, children are exposed to guns through cartoons, television shows and movies. They’re curious about firearms, and may have developed inaccurate perceptions of what a firearm is and does.

Just as Smokey Bear teaches children not to play with matchbooks, the Morris County Sheriff’s Office uses Eddie Eagle to teach kids not to play with firearms.

This educational but fun program teaches children what to do if they find a gun in the park, on school grounds or anywhere. It includes a video presentation from Eddie Eagle, activity books, stickers and a “Certificate of Merit” for each child. A visit from the Eddie Eagle mascot can also be arranged.

To find out how to bring this program to your elementary school or youth organization, contact Operational Services at 973-285-6074.

The 2006 General Social Survey has tracked gun ownership since 1973 and is conducted by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago.

NOTE: The Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program was created by a task force that includes educators, school administrators and law enforcement officials. The program is sponsored by the National Rifle Association (NRA) but it DOES NOT promote firearm ownership, nor does it encourage children to buy guns or become NRA members. In fact, the program never mentions the NRA. The purpose of the Eddie Eagle Program isn’t to teach whether guns are good or bad, but rather, to promote the protection and safety of children.