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The Morris County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division provides uniformed vehicular patrol throughout Morris County, primarily focused on the Morris County Park System.

Sheriff’s Officers are trained in a variety of specialties that assist to augment daily patrols throughout the area of responsibility. Equipped with immediate access to law enforcement enablers such as K9 and Bomb Squad, Sheriff’s Officers are prepared to perform law enforcement operations such as property checks, motor vehicle enforcement, and criminal investigation.

Patrol vehicles are equipped with various pieces of technology that help to enhance law enforcement efficiency and provide Sheriff’s Officers with the tools necessary to effectively perform their daily duties and responsibilities.

Park Rules and Regulations

Learn about the rules and regulations of Morris County's parks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get Morris County Park Commission rules and regulations and park maps?

A summary of the park rules and regulations are posted in bulletin board directories throughout the park system or you may link to a summary of rules and regulations.

To view the entire set of rules and regulations or to obtain park maps you may visit Morris County Park Commission Headquarters. Maps can also be obtained on the park commission website.

What number do I call for an emergency in a Morris County park?

If you need the police to respond to an emergency in a county park, DIAL 911.  Explain your emergency and request a Sheriff's Office Patrol Division unit to respond.

You may also contact the Sheriff's Office dispatch by calling 973-285-2900. Please report all suspicious activity in the county parks to the Morris County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division.

What time do the county parks close?

All Morris County Parks are officially closed to the public at sunset (M.C.P.C. Rules and Regs. Art. III Sec.7). 

There are several exceptions such as special permit events, the Mennen Arena and camping areas (see specific camping rules and regulations Art. XII Sec.H-2).

Vehicles must also be removed from the parks by sunset as well (M.C.P.C. Rules and Regs. Art. V Sec. 4).  

Can I consume alcoholic beverages in a Morris County park?

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in all county park areas (M.C.P.C. Rules and Regs. Art. III Sec. 9)

Exceptions are for organized groups of twenty-five or more who have obtained a special permit granted by the Morris County Park Commission and persons at a clubhouse at a Morris County Park Commission golf course. 

If I am arrested by, or receive a summons from, the Morris County's Sheriff's Office, where do I pay the fine or go to court?

If you are arrested by or receive a summons from the Morris County Sheriff's Office, your case will be heard at the municipal court in the municipality in which the offense occurred.  Since the department has county wide jurisdiction, each respective municipal court may be utilized.

The municipality in which the offense occurred is listed on top of the summons and court contact info is on the back of the summons. 


What do I do if I encounter a black bear in a Morris County park?

Black bears are found throughout Morris County and are often observed in some of the county parks. 

  • Most encounters will result in the bear running away but if it doesn't, use common sense and never approach the animal.
  • Yell, clap your hands, or wave your arms to make the bear aware of your presence.
  • Slowly back away and try to make sure that the bear has an escape route.
  • Never run away from a bear!

Some Morris County Sheriff's Officers have been specially trained to deal with problem bears. If you observe a nuisance bear, or a bear that exhibits aggressive or dangerous behavior in a county park, please contact the Morris County Sheriff's Office immediately at 973-285-2900.



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