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Published on April 22, 2021

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The Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority (MCMUA) delivers double-ground hardwood mulch, screened compost, and unscreened compost by appointment year-round. 

The MUA's two facilities are enrolled in certification programs that require its compost be held to some of the highest standards in the industry. The MCMUA Parsippany-Troy Hills facility is listed in the United States Composting Council Seal of Testing Assurance "Certified" Compost program. The Mount Olive facility is enrolled in the Organic Materials Review Institute certified organic production and processing “Listed” compost product program for use in organic agriculture. The two vegetative waste recycling facilities accept local grass, leaves, and natural tree parts from municipalities and preapproved commercial businesses which it then recycles into landscaping products.

2021 Delivery and Pricing:

Truckloads of compost and/or mulch are delivered in 5 and 10 cubic yard quantities to customers in the County of Morris and its neighboring counties. Deliveries can be placed either online at through our scheduling portal or by phone at 973-285-8389.

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Double-Ground Wood Mulch
5 Cubic Yards - $150
10 Cubic Yards - $210

Screened Compost
5 Cubic Yards - $155
10 Cubic Yards - $220

Unscreened Compost
5 Cubic Yards - $100
10 Cubic Yards - $125

Use this guide to estimate the amount of material needed for your landscaping application. 

  • 1 cubic yard of mulch/compost is approximately 13 and a half bags of material at 2 cubic feet per bag.
  • 1 cubic yard of material covers 100 square feet, three inches deep.
  • 1 half truckload of material is approximately 5 cubic yards.
  • 1 full truckload of material is approximately 10 cubic yards  
Tips on Applying Mulch

When applied properly, mulch can be an important value to your landscape. It not only provides beautification to your landscape but gives the added benefit of moisture retention, weed reduction, erosion control, and soil insulation

The most basic benefit of using mulch is moisture retention. A simple layer of mulch can reduce evaporation and retain up to 80 percent of added moisture to the soil. Keeping the top layer of soil protected from direct heat will reduce your water consumption. Proper mulch placement will block light that weed seeds need to germinate and impair the growth of weeds that do sprout, reducing the need for inorganic pesticides. As mulch breaks down naturally, it delivers nutrients to the soil throughout the season reducing the need for chemical fertilizers. By providing insulation, roots keep cooler in the summer and are protected from freezing in the winter.

It is recommended to use approximately 3 inches deep of mulch at the beginning of the season and then supplement your beds throughout the season as the mulch breaks down. Keeping your mulch at proper depth is important as too little mulch will not be beneficial, but too much can harm your plants and deprive the soil of oxygen.

Tips on Using Compost

Compost is an amendment made from decomposed organic matter which is added to the soil to enrich its quality. The benefits of compost are abundant for healthier plants by helping the soil retain moisture, suppress plant diseases and pests, and slowly add nutrients to feed plants and improve the structure of the soil.

Compost can be used in a few different ways at different times of the year: 

  • As a fertilizer for garden beds in early Spring and late Fall and/or a side dressing along rows and plants in late Spring and early Summer.
  • For new lawns, a 2 to 3-inch layer of compost is best when seeding. For existing lawns, top dressing with a ½ inch layer will maintain the soil quality for a healthy lawn. The best time for application is Early Fall and Early Spring. 
  • In landscaping beds as a top dressing and planting holes. Adding compost to the planting bed planting hole is a particularly valuable food for plants.

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