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Published on September 29, 2021

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The message has been resonating throughout the New York metropolitan area this past summer in social media, on-line ads, emails and even traditional media campaigns launched by the Morris County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) through funding provided by the Morris County Board of County Commissioners. Hometown Roots, Global Reach! Choose Morris County, Where the Grass is Greener.

Kraus Marketing is spearheading the campaign, designed to boost existing businesses in the region as well as entice companies and people to relocate to Morris County, which is a jewel in New Jersey. Rating agencies consistently give high marks to Morris County each year for its high quality of life, education, parks, health quality and environment.

“The Morris County Economic Development Corporation is excited to be working with the Board of County Commissioners on this collective effort to promote Morris County as an ideal destination for businesses and their employees, as well as visitors,” said Meghan Hunscher, president of the MCEDC and the Morris County Chamber of Commerce.

“The county’s attractive pool of well-educated and highly-trained employees, excellent transportation and cohesive business community combines with our wonderful quality of life to make this the perfect location for business to relocate or open. In addition, this coordinated outreach program will reinforce the positive message we are already sending to businesses through our existing Relocation Guide,” added Hunscher.

The campaign, which also touches on top industry hubs in the nation, began with a unanimous vote by the Board of Commissioners in December, followed by an MCEDC committee selecting Kraus Marketing in February from among several leading marketing firms. The O’Hara Project also was brought on, assisting Kraus in using every tool available to market Morris County’s treasures, from having the largest county park system in New Jersey and the top-rated quality of life, to long standing business-friendly public policies and having a coveted Triple A financial rating for over 46 consecutive years.

“We still have a very strong economy in Morris County, but the pandemic impacted every region in the nation last year. We knew we had to get ahead of the potential economic impacts and we thought this campaign could help our local businesses to recover and entice new industries and entrepreneurs to relocate and expand into our area. I’m impressed with what the MCEDC and Kraus have been doing,” said Morris County Commissioner Tom Mastrangelo.

From Google Ads and email blasts to targeted social media platforms, search engine optimization and geo-fencing, the marketing campaign has been reaching thousands of professionals and companies that are most likely to be attracted to the logistical, suburban and economic advantages of relocating to Morris County. More traditional media outreach, including billboards, also has been employed in Morris County and surrounding communities.

“There is a reason people love living here. Morris County simply is a great place to raise a family and work. With Fortune 500 companies located throughout the area and our access to highways and transit, people are able to find lucrative careers a short distance from home and businesses here have a highly skilled workforce to tap into,” said Commissioner John Krickus. “We have a robust economy in the center of bucolic forested communities, where people have access to the best parks and trails, quaint downtown shopping districts, a plethora of restaurants and a variety of entertainment venues. It doesn’t get any better than this.”

Morris County is home to more than 800 corporate headquarters and 28,000 businesses, and incomes here are among the top in the nation. Just this year, Morris County also was ranked in the top five percent of the nation’s “healthiest communities” by U.S. News & World Report and The Aetna Foundation, and was again given multiple Triple-A financial rankings by the nation’s leading rating houses, Moody’s Investors Service and Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings.


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