Morris County Celebrates Five Centenarians

Published on September 01, 2021

Morris View Centenarians 8 31 2021.jpg

Birthday Event Honored Women Turning 100 to 105 Years Old in 2021

Five women were honored by Morris County officials, friends, family and caregivers this week at the Morris View Healthcare Center, which hosted a birthday party to celebrate their reaching ages of 100 to 105 years old this year.

“I’m delighted to be celebrating these lively, lovely ladies as they reach these birthday milestones. On behalf of myself and the board of county commissioners, I am here to say congratulations and to wish you a happy continuance in your long lives,” said Deborah Smith, Deputy Director of the Morris County Board of County Commissioners.

Morris View Centenarians Rita 8 31 2021.jpg She presented each of the women with an individualized, framed Morris County “Resolution of Honor” on behalf of the full board. Each resolution outlined their backgrounds, cited their longevity and wished them “many more fruitful years with family and friends.”

The honorees said they enjoyed the celebration, but one expressed surprise at the attention.

“You’ve all done so much for this, so much work. It’s very beautiful. I’d like to thank everyone,” said resident Madeline Allen, who is turning 104 this year.

Celebrating milestones with her were Rose Amoruso, who turned 100 last month, Helen McNerney and Rita Gallo,Morris View Helen McNerney 8 31 2021.jpg both 102, and Madeleine Caselli, who will turn 105 years old. The women reside at the Morris View Healthcare Center in Morris Township, a county-owned facility operated and managed by Allaire Health Services, whose staff arranged the joint celebration in the facility's Dean Gallo Atrium on Tuesday afternoon, complete with music, entertainment, special guests, balloons, refreshments and decorations.

“Having the ability to celebrate such significant milestones in the lives of our residents is a unique privilege. It is something we have tremendous joy in -- celebrating with them, this moment, this occasion. In light of everything that's going on, in the Morris View Rita Gallo 8 31 2021.jpg backdrop of the pandemic, to be able to have something like this is very special and an honor,” said Allaire CEO Ben Kurland, who joined the party.

Among the Allaire staff at the gathering were Morris View Administrator Shabsi Ganzweig; Lori Farina, Regional Director of Community Marketing for Allaire, and Veronica Schneider, Director of Community Marketing for Morris View.

The women were presented with bouquets of flowers and multi-color crowns, and were cheered by a crowd of attendees who took turns congratulating them.Morris View Madeline Allen centenarian 8 31 2021.jpg





Top Right: Commissioner Deputy Director Deborah Smith congratulates the birthday honorees.

Center Left: Commissioner Smith presents a Resolution of Honor to Rose Amoruso, who turned 100.

Center Right: Commissioner Smith chats with Madeleine Caselli, who is turning 105, and Helen McNerney, 102. Behind Helen is Vincent Gloria, her granddaughter's husband.

Bottom Left: Rita Gallo walks into the party where she celebrated 102 years.

Bottom Right: Madeline Allen, 104, watched as speakers congratulated her and the others who reached birthday milestones this year.











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