Morris County Government Reorganizes for 2023

Published on January 06, 2023

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John Krickus of Washington Township Seated as New Commissioner Director

Morris County Commissioner John Krickus was sworn in tonight as the 2023 Director of the Board of County Commissioners after fellow board members Douglas Cabana, Thomas Mastrangelo and Christine Myers were sworn in to new, three-year terms and Morris County Sheriff James Gannon was sworn into another term.

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Photos of the Event

Commissioner Krickus was sworn in as Director of the Board by state Sen. Steven Oroho as the Commissioner’s wife, Carolyn, held the bible.

Full Video of the 2023 Reorganization Meeting.

Reorganization 2023 2.jpg “Morris County is the best run county in New Jersey, by far,” said Director Krickus, noting multiple accomplishments achieved by the county. “Some of the safest towns in New Jersey; county property taxes are among the lowest in the state, and our Vocational School and County College are nationally recognized. Morris residents enjoy our leading park system, open space, farmland and historic preservation. Is this heaven? No, it’s Morris County.”

Commissioner Myers, who had previously served on the board from 2016 to 2018, was sworn into her new term in office by Morris County Counsel John Napolitano, as her husband, Stan, held the bible. She was sworn in as Deputy Director of the Board by her nephew, attorney Robert Ferguson III.Reorganization 2023 3.jpg

The meeting opened with the swearing in of Commissioner Cabana, the longest serving member on the board, now beginning his tenth term. Sen. Anthony Bucco officiated as the bible was held by Amy Bucco, the Commissioner’s sister and the senator’s wife.

Commissioner Mastrangelo was sworn in by his daughter, Passaic County Assistant Prosecutor Brittney Mastrangelo, as the Commissioner’s wife, Debbie, held the bible.

Reorganization 2023 4.jpg Sheriff Gannon was sworn in by Morris/Sussex Superior Court Assignment Judge Stuart Minkowitz. The bible was held by the Sheriff’s daughter, Kate, along with his son-in-law, Matt, his grandchildren, Luca and Ella, and his girlfriend, Lisa.

The annual Morris County Reorganization Meeting was held in person in the Commissioners’ 5th Floor Public Meeting Room at the Morris County Administration & Records Building with full public attendance. It was the first time since 2020 and the onset of the pandemic that the reorganization meeting was not predominantly virtual.Reorganization 2023 5.jpg

Returning for the event was the Morris County Sheriff's Office Joint Honor Guard, with Robert McNally, Deputy Chief of Investigations of the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, playing the bagpipes. They were joined by a crowd of well-wishers, family, friends and public officials packing into the meeting room.

The National Anthem was sung by Ella Conroy and Victoria Cooney who are 10th grade students at the Morris County Vocational School.  Ella is in the academy for design and Victoria is in the Academy for Biotechnology.

Invocations were provided by Monsignor John Hart of The Assumption Parish in Morristown and a benediction was Reorganization 2023 7.jpg provided by Father Stepan Bilyk of Saint John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church in Whippany.

The Morris County Board of County Commissioners will hold their next work session and regular meeting on Jan. 11, 2022. The work session begins 4:30 p.m. and the regular meeting at 7 p.m. The meetings will continue to be held in public in the Administration & Records Building.



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Top Right:  Morris County Sheriff's Office Joint Honor Guard, with Robert McNally, Deputy Chief of Investigations of the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, playing the bagpipes.

Top Left: Director Krickus and his wife as he was sworn in.

Top Right: Deputy Director Myers thanks her colleagues after being sworn in.

Center Left: Commissioner Cabana is sworn in by Sen. Bucco.

Bottom Right: Commissioner Mastrangelo is sworn in by his daughter.

Bottom Left: Sheriff Gannon is sworn in with his family by his side.

Bottom: The National Anthem was sung by Ella Conroy and Victoria Cooney who are 10th grade students at the Morris County Vocational School.








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