Morris County Proclaims May 2023 Older Americans Month

Published on May 26, 2023

Two Long Term Employees Recognized for their Contributions & Support

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The Board of County Commissioners declared May 2023 “Older Americans Month” in Morris County on Wednesday and presented a special proclamation and resolution of honor to two employees who have demonstrated exemplary dedication in their service to the county.

Commissioner Director Krickus presented a resolution of honor to longtime employee Pam James, Principal Buyer in the Office of the Morris County Clerk, who is retiring at the end of month after 38 years of service.

“Pam’s efforts have contributed to the quality of service in Morris County, and her work has helped contribute to the success of four County Clerks and one Acting County Clerk… On behalf of the County Commissioners, we commend Ms. James for her accomplishments and extend our best wishes for many happy years of retirement,” stated Director Krickus.

Fellow Commissioners and Clerk’s Office staff joined in congratulating Pam, while sharing their sentiments about how much they will miss her. Ms. James began her service with the county on May 6, 1985, when she was hired by then-County Clerk Joseph J. Bell to work in the Criminal Division. She excelled in her duties and was soon promoted to Assistant Buyer, where she worked on budget preparation, among many other responsibilities, including maintenance of inventory control, overseeing office renovations, election night activities and special events, and working evenings in the passport department and swearing in notaries.

“She’s been with the county for so long and she really does everything. She is going to be really missed,” stated Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi.

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Fay Campbell, Clerk-4 for the Morris County Office on Aging, Disabilities & Community Programming, also celebrates her 40-year anniversary of working for the county this year. She was invited by Division Director, Christine Hellyer, to join her in accepting a proclamation for Older Americans Month. Deputy Director Myers, liaison to the Human Services Department, recognized Ms. Campbell for her milestone achievement.

“To have people like you and Pam is critical to the success of Morris County in all of its aspects. Without that continuity, without that kind of passion for the people of Morris County—without that kind of selfless love that says, ‘I’m going to do this every day, serving others,’—without that institutional knowledge, we wouldn’t be half as good as we are today. It is only because of people like you that other people want to come and be like you. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done,” said Commissioner Deputy Director Christine Myers.

“The younger generation benefits from all that you have done… and all our older generations have taught us and encouraged, in perseverance and in lifelong learning and growing. The older generation is a jewel that can never lose its value,” Myers continued, “Morris County’s expanding and diverse population includes a growing number of older Americans who have enriched and continue to contribute to our wonderful New Jersey community.”

The Morris County Commissioners have regularly supported older Americans through many funded programs, which includes those services provided through the Morris County Office of Aging, Disabilities and Community Programming. In its mission to “provide a continuum of care to help seniors, people with disabilities, and veterans in need,” the county office also works with State and County Agencies, in addition partnering with non-profit and community organizations.

The Morris County Board of County Commissioners, the Older Americans Act and the State of New Jersey are responsible for much of the funding for these programs.

“I want to thank the Commissioners for all the support in Human Services, especially the division on Aging, Disabilities, and Community Programming. For 2023 we are discussing ‘Aging Unbound’ for Older Americans Month, and we are trying to take away the stigma of what aging is. What is an older American? We are all aging, and we are all able to bring more to the picture… it includes individuals who are retired, our neighbors, our coworkers, our bosses, it includes people that we work with every day. It’s the senior who works out more often than many of us or the senior who has a nutrition program. Aging has no bounds,” stated Hellyer.

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Top: (l-r) Commissioner Tom Mastrangelo, Deputy County Clerk Anna McMahon, Commissioner Tayfun Selen, Deputy Director Christine Myers, Commissioner Doug Cabana, Pam James, County Clerk Ann Grossi, Director John Krickus, Commissioners Deborah Smith and Stephen Shaw.

Center left: (l-r) Aging, Disabilities and Community Programming Director Christine Hellyer, Fay Campbell, Deputy Director Myers, Director Krickus.

Bottom: (l-r) Commissioners Selen, Smith and Shaw; Christine Hellyer, Fay Campbell, Deputy Director Myers, Director Krickus, Commissioner Cabana.

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