Morris County Smoke Alert Remains Active

Published on June 07, 2023

Air Quality Monitoring In Effect Due to Impacts of Canadian Wildfires


The Morris County Office of Emergency Management, in partnership with the Morris County Division of Public Health, continues to monitor the smoke that we are experiencing in Morris County and is working collaboratively on this issue. The alert that was released yesterday remains active until notified otherwise.
ALERT: The smoke wafting through Morris County today is blowing in from wildfires in Canada and impacting air quality throughout the Northeast. Morris County OEM asks residents to remain vigilant regarding any local fires, but to know why smoke is filling the air today. The National Weather Service is tracking the conditions.
The smoke from the wildfires in Canada particularly affect persons with chronic cardiac and respiratory issues or ailments. It is recommended that persons with such issues or sensitivities refrain from outdoor activities especially arduous tasks.
Many Morris County schools have been contacted on the issue and communication outreach is an ongoing effort with the public.
Although Morris County was listed yesterday afternoon at the time of our posting as having an “Air Quality Alert”, the alerts for today do not list Morris County.
Our Morris County Division of Public Health has contacted the State to determine if any additional guidance/recommendations will be released. At this time, we are leaving our ALERT as ACTIVE and in place for Morris County!

For real-time updates on this issue, please follow Morris County Office of Emergency Management on Facebook.

Additional information that was developed for COVID-19, but contains important information for persons with respiratory ailments, is also available on the CDC website.
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