Website Accessibility Policy

Morris County government has endeavored to make this site accessible to the widest variety of users with differing needs by using various technologies. This site pursues the following standards for content delivery and accessibility:

  • Pages are coded with HTML 5.0
  • Formatting is done with Cascading Style Sheets using CSS 3 Specifications
  • Images are described with ALT tags
  • Image maps are not used
  • Javascript usage is minimal; if a user doesn't have Javascript and isn't able to access something, they can contact [email protected] for an alternative solution

All pages are designed with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines in mind. Care has been taken to have sufficient contrast in typed matter for readability. Visitor browser preferences may affect the site’s appearance somewhat but efforts have been made to retain the site’s overall visual layout.

Please direct any questions about accessibility, this policy, or the Morris County government website in general, to the Office of Communications and Digital Media.