The Coat of Arms of Morris County

The Coat of Arms of the County of Morris, adopted by the Board of Chosen Freeholders (now County Commissioners) in 1956, was developed from elements present in the Coat of Arms of the family of Governor Lewis Morris, the first governor of the State of New Jersey, and the person after whom the county is named.

The flaming castle turret at the top of the Coat of Arms, resting on a horizontal length of rope, is reminiscent of a Morris family castle in England which was destroyed by fire. Below that is the knight’s armored headgear, visor down. The top of the armored breastplate overlaps a shield divided into four equal squares. The two series of three circles each represent coins. The lions facing left denote courage.

Across the bottom of the Coat of Arms is the adopted Morris County motto, “Tandem Vincitur”, emblazoned in Latin on a horizontal scroll. Translated it means: At last it is conquered.

Morris County coat of arms