CORE Program Application Procedures

FMP – Flood Mitigation Program
FMC – Flood Mitigation Committee
BCC – Board of County Commissioners

  1. Municipality contacts Flood Mitigation Program (FMP) staff to begin application process

  2.  FMP staff requests information and data from NJ State Office of Emergency Management (NJS-OEM) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

  3. Morris County develops a Flood Acquisition Plan (FLAP) for Municipality

  4. FMP staff meets with Municipality to develop a CORE application and review the FLAP:
    • Note: A FLAP is required of first-time CORE applicants who do not have FEMA funding
  5. FMP staff and Municipality meet a second time to finalize FLAP, Project Areas created, and CORE Application

  6. Municipality holds a Public Hearing during a normally scheduled municipal governing body meeting regarding application to Morris County FMP

  7. Municipal governing body passes a Resolution of Support authorizing application

  8. FMP staff presents application to Flood Mitigation Committee (FMC) for review at their monthly meeting

  9. If FMC would like to proceed, they provide Preliminary Approval for each Project Area requested which includes:
    • Slate of specific parcels, including “priority” and “alternate” properties, and corresponding lump sum amount for each Project Area
    • Estimate of County cost share, which includes acquisition and soft costs with the exception of demolition. Morris County will not pay for demolition.
    • “at-risk” statement; soft costs only reimbursed on closed projects
  10. Morris County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) reviews FMC recommendation, if action is taken to proceed, BCC Resolution is passed which:
    • Lists Municipality, Project Area and specific properties therein
    • Lists match-funding requested per Project Area in lump sum format
    • Requests encumbrance of an estimated dollar amount to cover cost share and soft cost reimbursements
  11. FMP staff meets with Municipality to review acquisition process

  12. Municipality commences with Appraisals

  13. Appraisals are sent to Morris County for review and determination of an Accepted Market Value (AMV) prior to any offer being made to a homeowner

  14. Municipality proceeds with landowner negotiations and all due diligence, i.e. environmental analysis, surveys, etc. for the slate of specific parcels included in the Preliminary Approval and provides this documentation to FMP staff

  15. Municipality provides final cost information for the specific parcel, including:
    • Duplication of Benefits documentation
    • Executed Sales Contract
    • Municipal Ordinance to Purchase
    • Source of match funding to supplement MC funds
    • Legal Description (metes & bounds) of Property
  16. FMC reviews Municipal final cost information and gives Final Approval for specific parcel which includes:
    • Details of project and funding amounts approved (contract purchase price and soft costs)
    • MC Staff develops a Grant Agreement between MC and Municipality
  17. Municipality executes said Grant Agreement with MC

  18. FMP staff creates a BCC Resolution for BCC review and action which requests:
    • Execution of Grant Agreement
    • Release of encumbered funds to Municipality for specific parcel’s closing

  19. Municipality provides remaining due diligence for County review and “green light approval” for closing

  20. Municipality confirms exact dollar amount for specific parcel acquisition and sets a closing date FMP staff sends release of funds request to Treasurer’s office

  21. FMP funds are wired to Municipality for closing

  22. Municipality demolishes home and provides copy of recorded Deed showing restrictions on specific parcel within 90 days of closing date