Historic Preservation Commissions, Committees and Landmark Association

Town of Boonton Historic Preservation Commission

Municipal Building
100 Washington Street, Boonton, NJ 07005
Telephone 973.402.9410 Ext. 624
Web: www.boonton.org/212/Historic-Preservation

The Town of Boonton Historic Preservation Commission, a municipal organization established by town ordinance, is dedicated to the preservation of Boonton’s historic heritage. The commission meets the first Wednesday of each month.

Chatham Borough Historic Preservation Commission

Municipal Building
54 Fairmount Avenue, Chatham, NJ 07928
Telephone: 973.635.1312
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.chathamborough.org

The Chatham Borough Historic Preservation Commission is a municipal advisory committee addressing matters relating to Chatham’s Main Street Historic District. The commission recognizes deserving preservation accomplishments with its annual Preservation Flag Award. Property owners, retailers and developers will find the commission’s “Design Guidelines” booklet helpful in planning projects. The booklet is available in the Construction Office.

Town of Dover Historic Preservation Commission

100 Princeton Avenue, Dover, NJ  07801
Telephone: 973.366.2200 ext. 2141
Email: [email protected]
Web: https://www.dover.nj.us/cn/webpage.cfm?TID=17&TPID=8445

The Dover Historic Preservation Commission is an advisory body to the municipal planning board. The commission supports the preservation of existing neighborhoods and pursues National Register listing for significant historic properties.

Hanover Township Landmark Commission

Municipal Building
1000 State Highway 10, Whippany
P.O. Box 250, Whippany, NJ 07981
Telephone: 973.428.2500
Web: http://www.hanovertownship.com/303/Landmark-Commission

The Landmark Commission of the Township of Hanover, a municipal organization, protects, enhances, and preserves sites and structures of historical, architectural, and cultural significance, focusing on the township’s main historic site, “Old Whippany Cemetery.” The Commission is also developing a new local history museum collection to be housed in a dedicated room in the Township of Hanover Community Center.

The Commission has monthly meetings on the third Thursday of the month (excluding July and August) at 7:30 p.m. in Conference Room B at the municipal building. Landmark Commission meetings are open to the public.

Harding Township Historic Preservation Commission

Marion S. & Allan P. Kirby Municipal Building
21 Blue Mill Road, New Vernon
PO Box 666, New Vernon, NJ  07976
Telephone: 973.267.8000
Web: www.hardingnj.org/

The Historic Preservation Commission assists and advises applicants on ways of conserving, protecting, enhancing, and perpetuating the historic character of Harding Township. Specifically, the Commission is charged with promoting historic preservation within the township and seeks to preserve the township’s rural streetscape. The eight member board is appointed by the mayor and has a Planning Board Representative and two township committee liaisons.

Kinnelon Historical Commission

Kinnelon Borough Hall
130 Kinnelon Road, Kinnelon, NJ 07505
Telephone: 973.838.1321
Museum telephone: 973.838.0185
Web: www.kinnelonboro.org

The Borough of Kinnelon Historical Commission, a municipal organization, was established in 1976 to research and record data relating to the history of Kinnelon. The commission documents all historic sites in the borough and makes recommendations to the mayor and council for preservation and acquisition of historic sites and places. It sponsors lectures, seminars, and other programs relating to local history and historical preservation.

The commission also administers a local museum in the historic L’Ecole House/Kinnelon Museum, also known as the Meadtown Schoolhouse located at 25 Kiel Avenue.

Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at L’Ecole House/Kinnelon Museum, 25 Kiel Avenue at 7:30 p.m. All meetings open to the public. The museum is open Saturday and Sunday from 1-4 p.m.

Long Hill Township Historic Preservation Advisory Committee

Municipal Building
915 Valley Road, Gillette, NJ, 07933
Telephone: 908.647.8000
Web: www.longhillnj.gov/historic-preservation.html

The Historic Preservation Advisory Committee has the responsibility for developing ordinances for historic preservation, advising other government planning bodies about historic elements involved in proposed projects, and updating the Township’s historic sites survey with an eye toward designating specific districts and sites as suitable for historic registration.  The committee was created by a Township Resolution in 1997.  The historical preservation advisory committee is modeled on historical preservation commissions already functioning in neighboring towns. Meetings are the 1st Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall.

Madison Historic Preservation Commission

Borough of Madison Hartley Dodge Memorial Building
50 King’s Road, Madison, NJ 07940
Web: www.rosenet.org/413/Historic-Preservation-Commission

The Madison Historic Preservation Commission is the borough government agency charged with overseeing the exterior changes to registered historic sites in town and consists of seven volunteer members of the community with demonstrated interest in local history and architecture. All members are appointed by the Mayor. The commission must have at least one member who owns property in the Madison Civic and Commercial Historic District, and one member who owns property in the Bottle Hill Historic District.  The group holds regular meetings open to the public at the town hall, Hartley Dodge Memorial, generally on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. The meeting schedule is posted on Rosenet and should be checked to confirm room location and time.

The Town Hall, known as the Hartley Dodge Memorial, is a historic structure, erected in 1934. It is an imposing example of Georgian Revival architecture, and the Council Room on the second floor has a collection of original artwork related to the founding fathers of America. The Council Room is open during regular council meetings (Monday evening) or by appointment.

Mendham Township Historic Preservation Committee

Municipal Building
2 West Main Street Brookside, NJ
P.O. Box 520, Brookside, NJ 07926
Telephone: 973.543.4555
Web: www.mendhamtownship.org

The Mendham Township Historic Preservation Committee serves as an advisory body to the Township. The committee also sponsors tours, slide show presentations, and exhibits. The Mendham Township Historic Preservation Committee meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m.

Montville Historic Preservation Review Commission

Municipal Building
195 Change Bridge Road, Montville, NJ 07045
Telephone: 973.331.3300 or 973.331.3319
Web: www.montvillenj.org

The Montville Historic Preservation Review Commission (HPRC) was established in 1988 under the provision of the New Jersey Land Use Act designates historic sites and districts throughout Montville, and is responsible for the identification and establishment of historic landmarks and historic districts within the community.

More than 200 sites have been entered in the Historic Preservation Element of the Montville Master Plan and protected under the New Jersey Land Use Act and Montville Township ordinances. Montville’s HPRC works towards conserving, protecting, enhancing and perpetuating such landmarks, which take into consideration the townships cultural, social, economic political or architectural history.

The HPRC is active in assisting owners of historic landmarks in recommending ways to preserve the historic character of their properties. For new subdivisions it also supplies/suggests to the Planning board street names that memorialize Montville’s heritage.

As a result of the HPRC’s work, Montville has merited the honor of being one of less than 20 municipalities throughout the state designated as a Certified Local Government (CLG) by the United States Department of the Interior. The HPRC holds public hearings the 4th Monday of each month at the Montville Municipal Building.

Morris Township Historic Preservation Commission

Municipal Building
50 Woodland Avenue, Morris Township
P.O. Box 7603, Convent Station, NJ 07961-7603
Telephone: 973.326.7360
Web: www.morristwp.com/168/Historic-Preservation-Commission

The Morris Township Historic Preservation Commission is a municipal body responsible for (1) preserving historic sites, structures, and districts within the township, and (2) heightening public awareness among township residents regarding the historic assets of the township.

Morristown Historic Preservation Commission

Municipal Building
200 South Street, Morristown
P.O. Box 914, Morristown, NJ 07963-0914
Telephone: 973.267.4717
Email [email protected]
Web: www.townofmorristown.org

The Morristown Historic Preservation Commission (MHPC) was created by ordinance to review plans for development applications, to advise the boards and the Town on preservation matters, to provide public preservation education, and to promote local preservation in all ways. Free informal assistance is always available.

The MHPC consists of seven (7) members appointed by the Mayor and is charged with the responsibility to prepare a survey of historic sites of Morristown pursuant to criteria identified in the survey report; make recommendations to the Planning Board on the Historic Preservation Plan elements of the Master Plan and on implications for preservation of historic sites of any other Master Plan elements; Advise the Planning Board on the inclusion of historic sites in the recommended capitol improvement programs; If required by the Planning Board or Board of Adjustment for specific applications, advise the Board on applications for development pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:55D-110; Provide written reports pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:55D-111 on the application of the Zoning Ordinance provisions concerning historic preservation, and, carry out such advisory educational and informational functions. The commission meets on the second Thursday of the month. Please check their website for meeting times.

Mountain Lakes Historic Preservation Committee

Municipal Building
400 Boulevard, Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046
Telephone: 973.334.3131
Web: mtnlakes.org/committees-and-commissions/historic-preservation-committee/

The Mountain Lakes Preservation Committee is comprised of volunteers appointed by the Borough Council to promote historic preservation within the Borough.

The committee encourages historical research, archival preservation, and the protection of historic structures and landscapes. It also runs an Architectural Salvage Warehouse where owners of historic Mountain Lakes homes can find materials to repair their houses. Advice on restoration is available to residents. The committee has an archival collection available to the public.

Parsippany Preservation Advisory Committee

Municipal Building
1001 Parsippany Boulevard
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Telephone: 973.263.4357
Web: www.parsippany.net/231/Historical-Preservation-Advisory-Committ

The Historic Preservation Advisory Committee is a seven-member advisory body of local citizens formed in 2003 by appointment of the Mayor and Township Council. The purpose of this committee is to educate and advocate for historic preservation in the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills. The Historic Preservation Advisory Committee cooperates with the Parsippany Environmental Advisory Committee, The Parsippany Historical and Preservation Society and neighborhood groups on common interests and issues. The committee meets monthly, September through June.

Pequannock Township Historic District Commission

Municipal Building
530 Newark Pompton Turnpike, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
Telephone: 973.835.5700
Email: [email protected]
Web:  www.peqtwp.org

The Pequannock Township Historic District Commission, a municipal agency, keeps the Township informed of how growth and development affects historic areas.

The commission operates the Pequannock Township Museum, which exhibits physical artifacts, pictures and other items displaying the rich history of the township.

The museum is open the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month from 12–3 p.m. It is also open by appointment and for special events.  Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month, 7-9 p.m. at the Pequannock Museum (inside the Pompton Plains Railroad Station). The Pequannock Township Library is the site of the Pequannock Historic District Commission’s Archival Collection and alternate meeting site. Contact the commission directly for information.

Donations of original or copies of material relating to the history of Pequannock are always appreciated.

Randolph Township Landmarks Committee

Municipal Building
502 Millbrook Avenue
Randolph, NJ 07869-3799
Telephone: 973.989.7057
Web: www.randolphnj.org

The Randolph Township Landmarks Committee is a municipal organization dedicated to the preservation of historic sites and structures. The Committee reviews site plans of the Planning and Adjustment boards and checks permit applications submitted by historic site owners. It also educates residents on the history and architecture of the area, and directs them to cultural resources such as the Museum of Old Randolph. The committee gives annual preservation awards, sponsors bus tours, and administers other special activities that help foster an awareness of history and a sense of civic pride.

The commission meets at the municipal building on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. Meeting scheduled are posted on their webpage.

The Borough of Rockaway Historical Committee

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 973.627.6324 (Joyce Kanigel) or 973.627.5575 (Ed Miller)

The Borough of Rockaway Historical Committee operates the borough museum, located at 199 West Main Street, Rockaway (next to Donatoni Park), is now open to the public from 1- 4 p.m. on the fourth Saturday of each month, through August 2013.

For more information about visiting the museum, please call Ed Miller at 973.627.5575.

Township of Roxbury Historic Advisory Committee

Municipal Building
1715 Route 46, Ledgewood, NJ 07852
Telephone: 973.584.7903
Web: www.roxburynj.us/index.aspx?NID=157

The Historic Advisory Committee of the Township of Roxbury is a seven-member sub-committee of the township planning board that oversees the designated historic districts of Main Street, Ledgewood; Main Street, Succasunna; Kenvil Avenue, Kenvil, and Berkshire Valley Road in Lower Berkshire Valley. The committee’s powers are advisory in nature; it reviews applications for new construction or alterations to properties in the districts, with advice given in an effort to maintain architectural continuity and compatibility with existing structures. The Historic Advisory Committee meets monthly at 7:30 p.m. at the Roxbury Township Municipal Building. Call for further information.

Washington Township Historic Preservation Commission

Municipal Building
Schooley’s Mountain Road, Long Valley, NJ 07853
Telephone: 908.876.3315
Email: [email protected]
Web: wtmorris.org/index.php/government/volunteer-committees-2/historic-preservation-commission

The Washington Township Historical Preservation Commission is a municipal government organization that oversees implementation of the Township’s local historic ordinance relating to historic districts. The commission is made up of seven voting members, two alternates and a Township Committee liaison. It provides advice to anyone in the community interested in historic preservation matters. Meetings take place at 7:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building on the third Wednesday of each month and first Wednesday of odd months.