The Morris County Correctional Facility is managed by the Morris County Sheriff's Office.

This $32 million, state-of-the-art structure opened in May of 2000. This six story building, considered to be one of the premier jails in the nation, includes eight housing pods totaling 277 cells with the capacity to house a total of 524 inmates.

The correctional facility is accredited through the American Correctional Association (ACA), and National Commission on Correctional Healthcare (NCCHC), one of only two jails in the state and one of only 145 county jails nationwide to do so.

Our Philosophy

The Morris County Correctional Facility utilizes a direct supervision management style, a somewhat unique departure from traditional jails but one which has proven to be a safer method of managing inmate populations. The direct supervision jail, through a combination of architectural design, classification philosophy, inmate ground rules and officer deployment, dispenses with physical boundaries and instead, uses behavioral boundaries to effectively control inmate behavior. The result is significantly lower rates of assaults and lawsuits by inmates and allows for less expensive construction due to the improved behavior of inmates.

Our eight housing pods are open, self-contained living units which house between 64 and 72 inmates. This architectural design enhances supervision, increases perimeter security and effectively divides inmates into manageable groups.

Inmates are classified upon intake to determine the level of supervision required. Those who are mentally ill, violent, or for any reason cannot follow the rules are placed in a more structured environment. Each pod then consists of a population that ensures an atmosphere that promotes positive interaction.

A corrections officer works within each pod and is in direct control of the inmates housed therein. This allows for more interaction between officer and inmates which is important because it builds trust and works to avoid incidents. Behavior is managed in a positive way, and each action has certain rewards and consequences associated with it.

Overall, our direct supervision management style provides a self-sufficient community which incorporates minimum, medium and maximum security levels all under one roof. The result is a cleaner facility, virtually no assaults or vandalism, reduced stress on both staff and inmates and an efficient, well-run, safe environment for staff, visitors, inmates and the general community.

Our Facilities

Within the jail, we have…

  • a kitchen
  • a full-service laundry facility
  • administrative offices
  • K-9 kennels
  • an intake/processing area and holding cells
  • staff training facilities
  • religious, educational and exercise facilities
  • a medical/nursing facility

Operational Features

We strive to provide for the safe, secure and humane custody and treatment of those individuals in our care and have implemented numerous operations and practices to carry out this mission including…

  • court video teleconferencing
  • public viewing of video court proceedings on weekends and holidays
  • decentralized visits and recreation
  • Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)
  • County Correctional Information System (CCIS)
  • Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS)
  • computerized operation of security systems
  • emergency preparedness manual
  • emergency and fire response teams/equipment
  • Motorola communications/personal alarm system
  • comprehensive interior/exterior electronic surveillance system
  • computerized visitor identification system
  • electronic searching equipment
  • automated external defibrillator
  • Records Management System (RMCS)


Interested in taking a tour of the correctional facility? Contact Corporal Manuel Flores at 973-631-5412