Sheriff’s Labor Assistance Program

A structured alternative to incarceration for minor offenders.


SLAP is a community-based corrections program that provides a structured alternative to incarceration for persons sentenced by Morris County courts to a term of imprisonment.

Persons sentenced to SLAP are able to pay their debt to society by performing moderate levels of manual labor. This enables them to maintain employment, provide for their families and continue to be productive members of society while serving their sentence.

Offenders are prudently screened and only those with nonviolent, minor offenses are admitted into the program. Participants are required to follow all rules and regulations or face having their SLAP sentence revoked. At that time, they may be required to serve the remainder of their sentence in jail.

What type of offenders may participate?

Individuals sentenced to the SLAP program are minor offenders with minimal or no risk to the public. Many have been convicted of driving offenses, shoplifting, criminal mischief, etc. Frequently, sentencing guidelines require the court to sentence an individual to jail time for minor offenses.

Criminal histories are checked for all persons sentenced to the SLAP program. If an individual is found to have a criminal history that contains convictions for violence, drug distribution, sexual offenses etc., their paperwork is returned to the committing judge and they will be denied admittance to the program.

What type of work do SLAP participants perform?

SLAP participants provide non-skilled manual labor to nonprofit public and private agencies at no cost. Many of the organizations that use the program use it regularly. Examples of agencies and work details include the following:

  • The 4-H uses the program for set-up, cleanup and take down of its annual fair.
  • The Chester Boy Scouts utilize the program to help with its newspaper recycling.
  • Chatham, Harding and Boonton use the program to man their recycling centers.
  • Randolph, Roxbury, Boonton and Mount Olive use the program for road cleanups.
  • The Pequannock Library has used the SLAP program for painting and landscaping.
  • SLAP participants have painted Parsippany and Roxbury public schools during the summertime.

SLAP inmates are supervised by armed corrections officers at all times and are never left at job sites without supervision.

Work that cannot be done by SLAP participants:

  • SLAP does not work at private companies, personal homes or areas that are deemed unsafe by corrections personnel.
  • SLAP participants are not allowed to operate power tools such as chain saws and riding lawnmowers.
  • Participants are not allowed to climb ladders that are over 10 feet off the ground.
  • Participants cannot enter rivers, lakes or other bodies of water.
  • Participants cannot remove poison ivy, oak sumac, etc.

For individuals sentenced to SLAP

How does this all work?

  • Participants must serve at least one day per week.
  • Hours of operation are Saturday - Wednesday, 7:30am - 2:30pm.
  • Participants are picked up at the Morristown train station.
  • All inmates are subject to search while participating in SLAP.
  • Participants are responsible for bringing their own lunch.
  • Participants must be able to perform physical labor, both inside and outside; there is no “light” duty.
  • Participants must dress for the weather.
  • SLAP does not accept transfer cases from jurisdictions outside of Morris County.

How do I “enroll?”

An individual sentenced to SLAP must initiate contact with the SLAP program by making an appointment for processing at the Morris County Correctional Facility. An appointment for processing can be made Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and must be made within 14 days of being sentenced.

All participants sentenced to the program are required to pay a processing fee as well as a per day fee, due at the time of processing. Individuals who cannot afford the fee and who can provide proof of indigent status may petition the Superior Court to have the fee waived.

When the inmate is processed, he/she will sign off on the rules and regulations. Any violations of the rules may result in removal from the program.

For further information or to schedule an appointment for processing, call 973-631-5408.


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