Our 24/7 custody personnel’s primary focus is on the safety and security of our residents.

Custody personnel includes:

  • 20 Juvenile Detention Officers
  • 5 Senior Juvenile Detention Officers
  • 2 Supervising Juvenile Detention Officers

Specialized units include:

  • Fire Prevention
  • Suicide Prevention

Every Juvenile Detention Officer/Custody personnel must complete the following:

  • A 40-hour in-house training program 
  • 5 weeks of field training before working a post in the facility
  • A 6-week Juvenile Detention Officer Academy within the first year of employment
  • 24 hours of in-service training on an annual basis

Resident Responsibilities

Each resident must pass an Orientation test based on the provided Resident Handbook(PDF, 540KB).  The Handbook explains the Center’s rules and behavioral expectations of the resident.