Juvenile Detention Center

Front entrance of the Detention Center

The Morris County Juvenile Detention Center is operated by the County of Morris under the Department of Human Services. The Center houses juveniles from Morris, Sussex, Hunterdon and Warren Counties, through shared services agreements.

Located at 460 West Hanover Ave. Morris Township, New Jersey the mission of the Morris County Juvenile Detention Center is to provide secure, short term care and custody to juveniles who are accused or adjudicated, pending court action, or awaiting transfer to another facility, and who cannot be served in an open setting.

As custodians, we have responsibilities to maintain a controlled, structured setting for the safety and well being of the juveniles as well as the protection of the community.


  • Provide for the juvenile’s basic needs such as shelter, food, clothing, and medical care.
  • Prevent the abridgement of the juvenile’s legal rights during their detainment at the facility.
  • Provide for physical, emotional, religious, educational, and social needs of all juveniles during detainment.
  • House juveniles in a safe, humane environment, maintaining the level of security necessary to assure that juveniles live free of fear of assault and intimidation by staff and other juveniles. The facility is fully compliant with the Prison Rape Elimination Act standards for Juvenile Facilities.

Morris County has a long record of providing safe, secure housing of pre-dispositional and post dispositional juveniles as directed by the Superior Court of New Jersey.

The Center has been regularly inspected by the Juvenile Justice Commissions monitoring unit for compliance with the Manual of Standards for Juvenile Detention. We believe that providing a safe environment with structure and discipline focused on education and respect will have a positive impact on the juveniles we encounter.