A case of mistaken identity...mosquitoes, gnats and more

Published on May 27, 2021


We have been closely monitoring mosquito populations in Morris County. Inspectors have been checking routine (approximately 2000) mosquito sites, treating for mosquito larvae, responding to service requests and trapping for adult mosquitoes.

Mosquito numbers in our traps have been very low and do not meet our threshold to do area wide spraying.

There is, however,  a very large population of gnats this year which are a biting nuisance and can be confused with mosquitoes.  Many residents have also reported crane flies, also easily mistaken for a mosquito, but are harmless. 

We will continue to monitor mosquito populations, continue to treat standing water and schedule any area wide sprays as necessary.  Our inspectors are well trained in mosquito biology and habitat recognition and will happily assist you with a yard survey to eliminate any mosquito habitat.