Mosquito Control

We are dedicated to protecting public health through mosquito control and tick education. We use a variety of techniques to reduce the annoyance and threat of disease caused by mosquitoes.

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What We Do

Inspections and Service Requests

Standing water is checked for mosquito larvae. Inspectors respond to service requests with a site visit. 

Larval and Adult Mosquito Control

A variety of pesticides are used to control mosquito populations. Fish are also used as a biological control method in some areas.


Mosquito populations are monitored for density and disease transmission.

Water Management

Decreases the amount of time the standing water is present. Staff hand clean drainage ditches and stormwater basins. We also will remove trees and major blockages from water ways. 

Public Education

We attend many community events, science festivals and school programs. We teach about mosquito biology, control, and mosquito borne diseases. We also teach about tick biology and tick borne disease prevention.