Delivering Goods

All shipments to the County of Morris must be made to the locations designated on the purchase order. Deliveries may be required to be made to various departments and divisions throughout the County. A County of Morris purchase order number must appear on all shipping documents. Failure to meet specified delivery schedules may result in cancellation of the order or jeopardize all future orders.

Partial Deliveries

A delivery normally must be made in the exact quantity called for in the purchase order. Partial deliveries, however, may be required and accepted in some instances.

Deliveries and Delivery Dates

Vendors should always state the number of days required before delivery of a product will be made or indicate the specific date upon which delivery will be made. The time required for delivery may be one of the most important considerations in determining who shall be awarded the bid. Successful bidders are expected to deliver materials and/or services within the specified time. Late deliveries may jeopardize future awards. All merchandise received that does not meet the specifications will not be accepted. Vendors will arrange to have the unacceptable merchandise picked up at no cost to the County.