Getting Paid

The New Jersey State Treasury issues a Business Registration Certificate (BRC) to any vendor or person intent on doing business with NJ State Local Governments.  Please note that any invoice submitted must have the same name and tax identification as displayed on the NJ BRC.

In order to receive payment for goods or services furnished to the County of Morris, the vendor must submit to the using department shown on the County purchase order an original and at least one copy of an invoice for such goods or services and a properly completed County Voucher Form. Invoices should not be sent to the Purchasing Division. To do so will delay payment.

Invoices must show:

  1. County of Morris Purchase Order number;
  2. Complete description of the goods or services furnished;
  3. Quantity shipped, date and carrier;
  4. Unit prices and extensions;
  5. The terms of payment;
  6. Vendor’s invoice number and date.


After a purchase order has been awarded to a vendor, the vendor receives a voucher.

Five steps remain before the transaction is completed:

  1. Delivery and acceptance of the goods or services to the using department;
  2. Submitting an original invoice(s) with signed Morris County Voucher to the using department;
  3. The using department submits receiving documents and original invoice to County Audit Department;
  4. County Audit Department matches receiving reports, invoices and purchase order; submits to Commissioners for authorization to pay;
  5. Payment by the County.