Bureau of Corrections

This bureau manages the Morris County Correctional Facility.



The Administrative Division oversees the day-to-day administrative operations of the bureau. This includes the development of all rules, regulations and policies, agency training, financial management and accreditation compliance.

Support Services

The Support Services Division is responsible for maintaining inmate records, overseeing the law library, building maintenance, inmate programs, food service, information systems and fleet management.

Security Division

Facility physical security is the cornerstone of the Security Division.  This division is also responsible for inmate classification, security threat group monitoring, overseeing the care and custody of incarcerated inmates and ensuring the secure transportation of inmates.

Phone Directory

Bureau of Corrections Phone Numbers
Department Phone #
Administration / tour arrangements 973-631-5406
Records 973-631-5174
SLAP registrations / appointments 973-631-5408
SLAP nonprofit organization requests 973-631-5433