For Parents/Guardians

Youth Shelter

Program Time

Residents that attend school are woken up at a time that allows them to tend to their personal hygiene, get dressed, clean their rooms, and eat breakfast, prior to their school transportation arriving at the shelter. Residents that are not attending school are woken up no later than 7:30 AM and they are encouraged to participate in program time, which takes place between the hours of 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM (Monday through Friday). The objective of program time is to provide our residents with structure throughout their day and it is comprised of educational activities, community service projects, life skill presentations, and recreation.


Legally, it is the responsibility of your home school district to continue providing education to your child. This may be in the form of home-bound instruction/tutoring while your child resides at the shelter.


A dietician plans nutritionally balanced meals. Lunch meats and various items are available for residents to pack as a school lunch. Alternate foods, fruits, and vegetables are also always available to our residents.

Social Services Workers (Case Managers)

A Social Services case manager is assigned to work with each resident. In short, they serve as the resident’s link to the community. They are responsible for setting up and maintaining the resident’s approved contact list, arranging all of the resident’s appointments, visits, and passes (other staff members are not permitted to do this), and assisting with the resident’s discharge plan. They also attend various meetings and school appointments, as needed, to discuss information regarding the resident’s individual needs.


Shelter vehicles are available to transport residents to recreational, community service, and incentive activities. Transportation to school is provided by the home school district. Transportation to clinical, medical, court, or other non-shelter related activities is to be provided by a parent/guardian or case worker, pre-arranged with the shelter staff.

Contact List

Each resident will have their own contact list, containing pre-approved family members and case workers. Residents are not permitted to contact their friends, boyfriends, and/or girlfriends. Residents may have the ability to telephone, visit (on-site), or go on pass (off-site) with each of their approved contacts, as deemed appropriate by their social services case manager, case worker(s), and/or the family court judge. Residents are allowed to make and receive phone calls.

All visits must be arranged at least 24 hours in advance with the resident’s social services case manager. Visits are not supervised and they may not exceed (1) one hour in length. All off-site passes must also be arranged at least 24 hours in advance with the resident’s social services case manager. All initial off-site passes may not exceed (3) three hours in length.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

Parents/Guardians retain all of their legal rights. They are responsible for providing us with their child’s birth certificate, medical insurance and information, and clothing. They are also responsible for providing their child with any necessary transportation and they must attend all of their child’s court hearings.