Members & Staff

The Morris County Board of County Commissioners created the Morris County Agriculture Development Board (CADB) in 1983. The board was formed to oversee the farmland preservation program. The program enabled the County to offer farm owners the opportunity to preserve their farms, while continuing to own and maintain them. Since its creation, the CADB has had 31 volunteer members (see the History of Morris CADB Membership(PDF, 85KB)). Read the Board’s Mission Statement and current bylaws(PDF, 27KB).

The CADB is made up of seven voting members. There are also seven non-voting members: three advisory members and four ex-officio members.

Morris CADB Membership History(PDF, 81KB)


  • Voting Members:
    • Dale Davis III, Chairman
    • Harvey Ort, Jr., Vice-Chairman
    • Aimee Ashley Myers, Secretary
    • Frank Carrajat
    • Conor Evans
    • Thomas Galfo
    • Jay Thomson
  • Ex-Officio Members (Non-Voting):
    • Jennifer McCulloch, Soil Conservation District Liaison
    • Joseph Barilla, Morris County Planning Board Liaison
    • Peter Nitzsche, Rutgers Cooperative Extension Liaison
  • Liaisons:
    • William Roehrich, Washington Township Liaison
    • Stephen H. Shaw, Morris County Board of Commissioners
    • Thomas J. Mastrangelo (Alternate), Morris County Board of Commissioners


Katherine Coyle, 973-829-8120