Kenvil Team Track Improvement Project

Morris County rehabilitated the Kenvil Team Track in 2014. It is located in Roxbury Township on Berkshire Valley Road (CR 642), north of US 46. The team track is located along the High Bridge Branch. The railroad branch and team track are owned by Morris County; operations are contracted with the County’s railroad operator, the Morristown & Erie Railway.

Map showing the location of the Kenvil Team Track, between Berkshire Valley Road and Route 46  

The team track serves as a public transload facility (merchandise is transferred from railroad to truck) that businesses may utilize. The team track supports local businesses and the economy, and facilitates the use of rail for moving freight. The transload facility allows businesses not located on railroad tracks to receive freight by rail. Transporting freight by rail helps to reduce the number of trucks on the road, improve air quality, and can be less costly than by shipping freight by truck.

The Kenvil Team Track Improvement Project included the following enhancements:

  • Rehabilitation of facility: Existing rail was replaced with continuously welded rail to minimize maintenance, provide longer service life, and minimize noise. New cross ties and stone ballast were be provided.
  • Increased efficiency: A 2nd railroad siding was installed increasing the facility’s transloading efficiency.
  • Safety improvements: Curbing along Berkshire Valley Road was installed to define the driveway access point.
  • Aesthetic improvements: Plantings and berms were provided. A chain-link fence with dark brown vinyl slats was installed to surround the facility and to secure the site.