Executive Board

  • Chair: Rabbi Moshe Rudin, Commission Chair
  • Description:  Responsible for oversight and direction of the vision and mission of the Human Relations Commission.


  • Chair: Meyer Rosenthal
  • Description: Responsible for nominating potential members and officers to the Human Relations Commission.  Maintain, review and update By-Laws as needed.  Organize annual meeting events. 

Fair Housing

  • Chairs: Wayne Cresta
  • Description:  Responsible for creating programs, providing resources and referrals to promote and safeguard fair, affordable, safe, and accessible housing.


  • Chair: Theresa Maughan

    Description:  Responsible for researching and creating a database of providers for workshops, speakers, etc. on topics such as diversity, inclusion, cultural sensitivity, and racial relations.  These providers will be referred to groups, individuals, and/or organizations who request the support of HRC.

Public Relations/Communications

  • Chair: Rabbi Moshe Rudin
  • Description:  Responsible for the dissemination of information pertaining to the goals and objectives, mission, services, and activities pertaining to the organization and the Morris County community.


  • Chair: Vacant
  • Description:  Responsible for monitoring on-going governmental operations.  The committee identifies issues under legislative review by state, county and local agencies; gathers and evaluates information; and recommends courses of action to the Commission.

Law Enforcement

  • Chair: William Schievella
  • Description: Responsible for building understanding and awareness of law enforcement policies and practices throughout New Jersey and Morris County.  Assists in building community support for law enforcement and helps facilitate the recruitment of diverse candidates for law enforcement agencies.

Community and Cultural Relations

  • Chair: Jasmine Lim
  • Description:  Responsible for bringing and promoting cross cultural discussion and events to the community for greater understanding and appreciation of the diverse people who live, work and worship in Morris County.