Executive Committee

  • Chair: Linda Murphy, Commission Chair
  • Description: Responsible for oversight and direction of the vision and mission of the Human Relations Commission.


  • Chair: Meyer Rosenthal
  • Members: Jasmin Lim, Regina Goel, Susan Waldman
  • Description: Responsible for nominating potential members and officers to the Human Relations Commission as per bylaws. Maintain bylaws, minutes, legal documents, financial records and correspondence records.

Fair Housing

  • Chairs: Osman Davies & Wayne Cresta
  • Members: Jasmin Lim
  • Description: Responsible for creating programs, providing resources and referrals to promote and safeguard fair, affordable, safe, and accessible housing.


  • Chairs: Yvette Long & Edward Yaw
  • Members: Michael Van Allen, Sue Rosenthal, Linda Murphy
  • Description: Research and create a database of providers for workshops, speakers, etc. on topics such as diversity, inclusion, cultural sensitivity, and racial relations. These providers will be referred to groups, individuals, and/or organizations who request the support of HRC.

Public Relations/Communications

  • Chairs: Allison Miller, Reverend Allison Miller
  • Members: Meyer Rosenthal, Clarence Curry, Susan Waldman
  • Description: Responsible for the dissemination of information pertaining to the goals and objectives, mission, services, and activities pertaining to the organization and the Morris County community.