The Commission

The Commission is composed of 20 to 30 persons who live or work in Morris County; at least one is a student at a Morris County high school.

The Commission members include educators, elected government officials, police officers, representatives of women’s organizations and diverse racial, ethnic and religious groups. A member of the Morris County Board of County Commissioners sits on the Commission and members of the Prosecutor’s office maintain a liaison.


Executive Board

  • Chairperson: Clarence Curry, Jr.
  • Vice Chairperson: Rabbi Moshe Rudin
  • Secretary: Sue Rosenthal
  • Treasurer: Susan Waldman
  • Immediate Past Chair: Linda Murphy, Deceased

Committee Chairs

  • Administration/Nomination:  Meyer Rosenthal
  • Fair Housing:  Osman Davies & Wayne Cresta
  • Education/Training:  Edward Yaw
  • Public Relations/Communications:  Rabbi Moshe Rudin
  • Legislative:  Michael A. Van Allen
  • Law Enforcement:  William Schievella
  • Community and Cultural Relations:  Jasmine Lim


2023-24 Executive Board


Board Headshots   


2023/24 Commission Members
Name Town
Mostafa Abuzeed Rockaway
Wayne Cresta Morristown
Clarence Curry, Jr. Boonton
Osman Davies Morristown
Regina Goel Wharton
 Lansing Holman  Roxbury
Tina Liu Jen Parsippany
Monishe Khadse Parsippany
Jasmine Lim Parsippany
 Theresa Maughan  Randolph
 Shalini Mehrotra  Parsippany 
Diana Mejia Morristown
Steve Neblett Denville
Meyer Rosenthal Randolph
Sue Rosenthal Randolph
Rabbi Moshe Rudin Parsippany
William Schievella Rockaway
Everton Scott Lake Hiawatha
Dr. Bette Simmons Randolph
Michael Van Allen Montville
Susan Waldman Randolph
Edward Yaw Morris Township


Read the Human Relations Commission by-laws(PDF, 420KB).