Recruitment Program & Statistics

Goal and Objective

The goal of this Recruitment Program is to attract qualified individuals from diverse backgrounds to pursue a law enforcement career with the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office. The primary objective of the program is to achieve an overall gender, racial, and ethnic composition at the office that reasonably parallels the population of Morris County, through the implementation of effective recruiting strategies. The effectiveness of this program shall be gauged through analysis to determine the existence of any under-represented demographic groups within the office as compared to that of Morris County, coupled with subsequent punctual implementation of remedial strategies to correct any substantial disparities identified. The recruitment process is fluid and serves as a vital role in attracting qualified diverse candidates to appoint to law enforcement positions, who can contribute towards accomplishing the mission of the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office.


Equal Employment Opportunity Statement and Policy

The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office is an equal employment opportunity employer. It is policy of the office to provide equal employment opportunity without regard to age; gender; race; color; national origin; ethnicity; creed or religion/religious beliefs; marital status; parental status; sexual orientation; gender identity; gender expression; LGBTQ+ status; liability for service in the armed forces; disability; partisan political, familial or social affiliation; other non-merit based factors; or any protected class listed in the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, N.J.S.A. 10:5-1 et seq. This policy extends to all employment activities including, but not limited to selection; assignments; training; transfer; promotion; and salary.


Recruitment Strategies

The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office Community Outreach & Recruitment Unit shall develop, coordinate and implement recruitment strategies, partially in response to the results of annual demographic analysis that is provided by office administration, which may include any of the following tasks, and/or others as necessary.

❖ Attend Career Days; Government/Public Service Fairs; Diversity Fairs/Events; and any other activities or functions that are beneficial to the recruitment process. A diverse team of personnel are responsible for setting up an appropriate display and providing career opportunity information through personal interaction and current advertisement materials.

❖ Administer career opportunity public presentations at regional colleges, universities and civic organizations.

❖ Serve as a liaison to college and university counselors regarding career opportunities.

❖ Post current career opportunity advertisement materials on the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office website.

❖ Correspond with organizations that represent any demographic groups determined to be under-represented at the office.

❖ Any other tasks tailored based on specific circumstances.


Demographic Analysis

The Chief of Staff shall complete an annual demographic analysis report at the conclusion of each calendar year, and submit same to the Prosecutor and Chief of Detectives by January 31st of the following year.

❖ The analysis shall compare current demographics of law enforcement personnel to that of the population of Morris County posted by the United States Census Bureau, citing any disparities in percentages, between the groups.

❖ Demographic categories shall be separated in the follow groups.


  • American Indian or Alaska Native
  • Asian
  • Black or African American
  • Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander
  • White
  • Two or more races
  • Other


  • Hispanic or Latino
  • Not Hispanic or Latino


  • Female
  • Male


❖ Any substantial disparity identified, which is defined as any group under-represented at the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office by greater than 20%, shall be cause for the implementation of revised and/or additional recruiting strategies by the Community Outreach & Recruitment Unit within a (3) month period, towards remediation of the difference.


Program Review and Revision

Upon completion of each annual Demographic Analysis, this Recruitment Program shall be examined for effectiveness towards accomplishing the cited goal and primary objective, and revised accordingly to incorporate different and/or new strategies, as warranted.


The following table reflects demographic data for the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office and the County of Morris at the conclusion of calendar year 2021. The end column on the right indicates representation differences in percentages at the office, as compared to the population of the county. 

 Classification Detectives by # Detectives by % Morris County Population by % Difference by %
 Male 47  72.3 %   49.2% Over 23.1% 
 Female 18  27.7%   50.8% Under 23.1% 
 White Alone - Not Hispanic or Latino 50 76.9% 70.5% Over 6.4%
Hispanic or Latino  9 13.8% 13.9% Under .1%
Black or African American Alone  5 7.7% 3.8 % Over 3.9%
Asian Alone  1 1.5% 10.8% Under 9.3%
Mixed Races or Other  0 0 1.9% Under 1.9%
American Indian or Alaska Native Alone  0 0 0.3% Under 0.3%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander Alone  0 0 - N/A


* According to the U.S. Census Bureau, population estimates for this classification are not comparable to other geographic levels due to methodology differences that may exist between different data sources.

To address the disparity in female representation, a correspondence was forwarded by the Morris County Prosecutor to The New Jersey Women In Law Enforcement, requesting that the organization post on their website and otherwise share that the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office periodically recruits for the position of detective.