Training Ground Use


The Fire Division of the Morris County Public Safety Training Academy provides opportunities for departments to train as a group – via our Training Ground Drill Program. 

Areas included in the program are the use of the training tower, maze, car prop, spill pad and the Life Safety Complex.  This program is available, weather permitting, February through December with confirmations based upon date and instructor availability.


Training Ground Use Application

The method used to arrange training ground drills is for the Chief or designee to contact the Fire Coordinator with proposed training dates. If a date is available, the Fire Coordinator will “pencil in” the date, subject to the Chief or designee submitting a completed application at least 30 days prior to the training date. Upon receipt of the application, the Academy will post the date and seek monitors from the instructional staff. As soon as the required number of monitors is obtained, the drill will be confirmed. All drills will be confirmed using our online Fire Training Grounds Calendar.

Failure to obtain required monitors one week prior to the requested training date will necessitate the cancellation of the drill. The department will be notified.

Usage Fee

Fees for Usage of Academy Training Grounds
Service In-County Out of County
LSC / Tower
Up to Three Academy Instructors (Monitor Only)
$100.00 $450.00
Car Pad $200.00 fee for 2 ½ hours $400.00 for 2 ½ hours
Spill Pad $250.00 fee for 2 ½ hours $500.00 for 2 ½ hours
Class A

Use-of-Class-A-Burn-Facility-2024.docx(DOCX, 26KB)


Weekend Rates more than 2 ½ hours $55.00 an hour $75.00 an hour

Note that if your department desires the Morris County Fire Academy Staff to develop, implement and instruct a drill scenario there will be an additional fee of $150.00. All pertinent information supplied 10 days prior to drill.

Additional Information

Sessions will run a maximum of 2 ½ hours on weeknights.  All units will be out of service while attending this training session.  If the rules and regulations are not strictly adhered to, the instructor in charge will have the authority to cease all activities, and no refunds will be issued.  Upon completion of the training exercise, the buildings and grounds will be cleared of all debris, left clean and ready for the next scheduled use. MINIMUM OF 8 FIREFIGHTERS.

If your request is for live fire training, be advised that all participants MUST be New Jersey Certified Fire Fighter 1, a recruit firefighter who has completed the appropriate modules of the New Jersey Fire Fighter 1 training program or a person who has 18 months fire service experience.

In addition, it is required that the department brings a Safety Officer as well as emergency medical / rehab resources.  Should the department/company have a Fire Service Instructor, they should also be present for the drill though not required.